[IGFmaglist] Polish IGF and Council

Igor Ostrowski igor at ostrowski.waw.pl
Thu Jul 24 10:51:58 EDT 2014

Dear MAG Members,

I'm proud to announce that Poland has joined the growing group of countries, which embrace the multi-stakeholder model of cooperation on Internet Governance.    First of all, the Polish Minister of Administration and Digitization announced actions to create a Polish IGF in 2015 as a multi-stakeholder platform for cooperation. Second of all, the Polish Parliament introduced legislation, which allowed the Minister to create the Council for Digitization, a first multi-stakeholder body responsible for digital policy in Poland. The scope of responsibility is quite wide but does include many Internet Governance issues.   The Council is composed of representatives of: governmental administration, local authorities, entrepreneurs, the academic community, technical experts and non-governmental organizations.  In its activities, the Council will follow the best examples set by similar bodies worldwide, including the MAG, including promotion of the IGF model of discussion where representatives of the above mentioned communities will be given the right to take the floor on an equal footing.  

More information on the Council can be obtained in English here:   https://mac.gov.pl/en/the-council-for-digitization 

As the newly appointed Chairman of the Council, I very much look forward to working with you and to draw from your expierence and advice.


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