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Dear Jorge,
Thank you for your contribution and for sharing your ideas which I fully share.
Kind regards,

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Dear all

Unfortunately I have a conflicting call at the same time. Apologies for missing the meeting.

Allow me therefore to share some suggestions in writing:

1)Linking the IGF and the Roadmap activities: I feel that we could deepen the mapping exercise between Roadmap and IGF activities we started some months ago. The aim IMO is still that synergies are sought between the two lines of activities and duplications are avoided to the extent possible. Especially for new endeavors like the PN on Internet Fragmentation an early involvement by the TE would be very useful. Direct lines of communication could be established between PN, BPF and Dynamic Coalitions "leads" and the TEO, perhaps establishing a common and periodic venue -convened by the MAG Chair?- where to update each other and deepen collaboration opportunities?

In addition, of course, the roles of the new Tech Envoy and the IGF-LP (where both the MAG Chair and the TE are ex officio members) will be key, in order to ensure a swift two-way communication between UN-TE and their Roadmap activities, and the IGF bottom-up community activities, which ideally would position the IGF, and especially its intersessional and NRI work, as ideal vehicles for channeling many of the Roadmap activities...

2)Proposals on how the IGF and the NRIs could support the preparation of the Summit of the Future/ Global Digital Compact: As WG Strategy we should IMO continue to support the alignment between IGF 2022 program and the GDC main elements, as was agreed by the IGF-MAG some weeks ago. Building on that agreement I feel that the IGF 2022 program should be "fully integrated" meaning that its thematic streams (aligned with the GDC) should be the same for workshops, open fora, parliamentarian track, high-level track etc., converging each thematic stream in one main/high-level session, and culminating in corresponding sets of concise and to-the-point "IGF Addis messages" that would be fed in into the GDC drafting process. NRIs would IMO be fully integrated in such thematic streams and could therefore play an important role in the build-up preceeding the Addis meeting...

Hope this helps
And kind regards


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Dear Colleagues,
I kindly remind you that the next virtual meeting of the WG-Strategy is scheduled for today, April 21 at 2 PM UTC.

1)Linking the IGF and the Roadmap activities
2)Proposals on how the IGF and the NRIs could support the preparation of the Summit of the Future/ Global Digital Compact
3)Update from the IGF Secretariat on the current issues:

Ø  EGM Report

Ø  Leadership Panel

Ø  Tech Envoy nomination
4) Update on behalf of the Office of the Envoy on Technology
5) AoB

Zoom Details: https://intgovforum.zoom.us/j/94507369011

Please let me know if there is any item that should be included in the agenda.

Kind regards,

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