[WG-Strategy] Next version of document ready for your review

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
Wed Jan 13 06:37:29 EST 2021

Dear all

Titti and I have updated the document that we want to submit to the IGF
MAG 2021. We have integrated all comments made thus far, and adapted the
structure of the document so that it is mostly in line with the
proposals made by Olivier and Esteve from the EC.

It is here:

What this means is that the document is now "dual purpose" in the sense
that it includes both broader strategic recommendations from the
WG-strategy as well as specific proposals for implementation by the MAG
and Secretariat for 2021.

Please comment on the document with this in mind.

I have highlighted some guiding questions for tomorrow's meeting. Our
goal should be agree tomorrow on the overall purpose, tone, scope and
structure of the document tomorrow. This leaves another week to finalise
the content.

Thank you for all the contributions thus far and looking forward to
further input and proposed edits.


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Senior advisor global and regional internet governance
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