[TranslationSpanish] Help needed translating the IGF 2020 Messages into Spanish

Luis Bobo luis.bobogarcia at un.org
Tue Mar 9 03:12:48 EST 2021

Dear Alejandra,

Many thanks!

Please kindly go ahead as you propose. Your help (and any other volunteer’s joining you) is much appreciated. This is very useful for the community.



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Dear Luis, All,

I hope all of you are fine.
I can translate inclusion and other part, trust for example, and send back  to you by Friday, if you consider that's okay.
It’s a pleasure to collaborate in this collective effort.
Stay safe.

Alejandra Erramuspe
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On 8 Mar 2021, at 18:50, Luis Bobo <luis.bobogarcia at un.org<mailto:luis.bobogarcia at un.org>> wrote:

Dear All,

I hope you and your beloved ones are all fine and looking forward in the complex current situation.

Thank you very much for keeping as volunteers to translate IGF documents into Spanish. As you all know, this is a very useful activity and you have our personal appreciation.

Following up the effort from last year (having worked with IGF 2019 outputs), we also feel now that it is very important that the outcomes of the last IGF annual meeting are translated into as many languages as possible, and distributed. To this end, we would like for volunteers to translate the IGF 2020 Messages (attached in a word version). It is just 10 pages in total, divided in 4 parts: DATA, ENVIRONMENT, INCLUSION and TRUST.

Probably, any automatic translator online can be used as a first step and just a human review is required. Anyone available can translate an individual part if you wish so. For example, one of the 4 themes. If anyone is interested, we are grateful if they could write back to the group identifying the part or parts they offer to translate.

Also, please also do not hesitate to invite anyone of your respective communities to join and collaborate in this joint effort by subscribing to this mailing list. More information here<https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/multilingual-collaboration-at-the-igf>.

Many thanks again and best regards!

IGF Secretariat
United Nations

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