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Anja GENGO AGENGO at unog.ch
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Dear Nicolas,

As per your question on Youth IGFs, please see the Youth IGF page at the 
IGF website for needed information.

At the IGF website, if it can be of any help, there is a lost of resource 
persons, classified per stakeholder groups. You can see the list for the 
IGF 2016 here.

I believe there are colleagues from ISOC subscribed to the list, that 
could advise better. But, I believe for the chapters, you should refer to 
their website, dedicated page, here.

I would advise also to contact colleagues from the Civil Society Internet 
Governance Caucus, for more information regarding your questions below.

I hope this helps. I am kindly asking colleagues to share more 
information, in case any.

Best regards,


Anja Gengo | IGF NRIs
agengo at unog.ch
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Hola a todos, espero hayan comenzado excelente el año. 
Quería consultar, más que nada, existe algún sitio que mencione las 
diferentes iniciativas de sociedad civil por país? por ejemplo, qué países 
no tienen capítulo de internet society? o por ejemplo que países no 
presentan representación en el Youth IGF? 
Todos estos datos me resultan de interés para un reporte que estoy 
Saludos cordiales, y que tengan un año ocupado! 


Hello everyone, I hope you have started the year excellent. 
I would like to consult, more than anything else, is there a site where 
mentions the different civil society initiatives per country? For example, 
which countries do not have internet society chapter? Or for instance, 
which countries are not represented in the Youth IGF initiative context? 
All these data are of interest to me for a report I am working in. 
Best regards, and have a busy year! 


Nicolas Fiumarelli 
Montevideo, Uruguay_______________________________________________
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