[Bp_ipv6] Usage of IPv6 by UN

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Thank you Manga for the follow up. Would anyone from the IGF secretariat be able to share the status?

Best Regards,

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>Date: 2018/6/14, Thu 00:49
>Subject: [Bp_ipv6] Usage of IPv6 by UN
>this little kindly reminder more than one year later ...
>UN network is still using IPv4 only.
>AS22723 (UN AS number) is not announcing any IPv6 prefixes . Please I do
>not think it should be so difficult at least for the facing public
>websites .
>Please, roll out IPv6 within UN networks. Lots of work in past IGF was
>in that direction, please...
>Le 01/02/2017 à 11:56, Izumi Okutani a écrit :
>> Dear Manga,
>> This is an excellent suggestion, to have the UN network to be IPv6
>> supported.
>> It is in sync with the suggestion Sumon made during the MAG face to face
>> meeting in NYC in July last year.
>> With your feedback, Sumon and I as the Coordinators of BPF-IPv6, plan to
>> make a suggestion to the IGF secretariat of the UN network itself to be
>> IPv6 ready.
>> Thank you once again for raising this point and bring it to our attention.
>> Regards,
>> Izumi
>> PS: While I hadn't responded, thank you Alejandro for watching the
>> BPF-IPv6 session and sharing the link to the session video. It's great
>> to hear your feedback.
>>     On 2017/01/26 15:06, Willy MANGA wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> it will be a good signal if United Nations network could use itself IPv6
>>> in its network. Their autonomous system (AS22723) does not have any v6
>>> prefixes.
>>> Same goes to the web platform of IGF http://www.intgovforum.org/ .
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