[Bp_ipv6] No IPv6 forum this year ?

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at ripe.net
Thu Sep 14 10:55:12 EDT 2017

> Hello,
> I may be wrong but it looks like this BPF has been discontinued .
> If yes, can I know why ?

I think the MAG coordinators are in a better position to respond on the decision process.

But from a personal perspective as a contributor to both the 2015 and the 2016 BPF, I personally am of the opinion that at this stage there was not much more too add.

The 2015 output described several examples and guidance on how to bring the different stakeholders together and the need to work collectively to make IPv6 adoption a success.

In 2016 we extended this work by providing operational examples of network operators and other stakeholders who successfully had deployed IPv6 and who were willing and able to share information on that.

My feeling is that at current there is not much more to explore, any work would mostly lead to repetition of previous efforts. Meanwhile at least my feeling was that it also became harder to get people to commit resources into compiling the best practices output document and for stakeholders to supply relevant information to this process.

> If no, can someone give me the right place to participate.

There are two workshops on the agenda that directly address IPv6:

WS191 Public Policies to deploy IPV6 in developing countries. Successful International Experiences
WS124 How can we limit the negative impact of Carrier Grade NAT technologies and boost IPv6 adoption?

And no doubt that there are several other sessions will address the topic.


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