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Wed Feb 22 17:27:07 EST 2017


Le 22/02/2017 à 18:00, bp_ipv6-request at intgovforum.org a écrit :

> 3) Enable IPv6 for the IGF website www.intgovforum.org, [...]

I don't know since when it has been enabled but I'm happy to see that
intGovForum website is reachable through IPv6 (thanks to Cloudflare ? ;)
)  . IPv6 address : 2400:cb00:2048:1:: .

> [...]
> As a final point we would like to flag that IPv6 is not yet enabled on the
> United Nations network. This observation was recently made by one of the
> participants on the BPF IPv6 mailing list, and before that we had made a
> comment during the July MAG meeting in New York that there was no IPv6
> connectivity in the UN Headquarters. We would like to repeat the request to
> roll out IPv6 for the UN network and hope that this message reaches those
> responsible for operating the UN network.

On twitter, I think the right person to ask is their UN CITO 'Atefeh
Riazi' ( https://twitter.com/UN_CITO ) :)

Thanks for having heard my request ^_^ . I hope It may reach the right
person and help IPv6 grow worldwide.

Willy Manga
twitter: @ongolaBoy
Ubuntu Cameroonian Loco Team

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