[Bp_ipv6] Feedback for zero draft

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Sep 29 13:06:24 EDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

Many thanks to those who attended our last call on 28th Sep UTC21:00.

As I shared at the call, we are now focusing on our work for the zero draft.
We welcome your contribution in enriching contents, in the areas I have listed 1-4.


Below is the coming schedule of our work:

  - complete work on rough draft before 10 Oct
  - BPF call 12 Oct: go through draft invite comments
  - 2.5 weeks for comments and finetuning on the mailing list
  - 31 October: publish draft, open public comment period

1. References  for Sec 3. Facts and Figures - IPv6 deployment)
    Especially additional references people can share to give it a bigger context to the state of IPv6 deployment for Sec 3.1.1. Global uptake.
    If there are references with economic perspective or services using IPv6, it is very useful for this section

2. Enrich description of Case Studies in zero draft (Sec 4.1. Case studies (of successful regions))
    We would like to improve the stories we share for case studies.
    For those who are not familiar with a region/country, simply reading contributions for case study may not give them enough understanding on what substantial impact it has made or what it notable about the cases being shared.

    We welcome your feedback such as:

  - Additional information about cases received (e.g. the scale of service, why this case is interesting/good example)
     - Questions to the cases received to follow up with contributors
     - References to share as an equivalent of case studies (esp Google, Cisco, Apple, Verizon Wireless)

3. Enrich general observations (Sec 4.2.1. General Observations)
    On following sections:
    - Motivation
    - Economic/Business Factor
    - General observations about ISPs, Data centers, Content Providers, Vendors, Mobile networks

4. Challenges
    There are two types of challenges, we'd like to hear more about. For 5.1 we welcome feedback from countries where IPv6 deployment rate is not high.
    - 4.3. Remaining challenges
    - 5.1.  Challenges for regions where where deployment is not taking off

Thanks all for your continued support and contributions.


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