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On 8 Sep 2016, at 6:28, Wim Degezelle wrote:

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> Sky completes roll out of IPv6 becoming the first major UK Internet 
> provider to future-proof its service for customers
> 06 September 2016
> Sky today announces that over 90% of its broadband customers are now 
> IPv6 enabled, future-proofing its network for millions of customers.
> Ensuring customers broadband connections are IPv6 ready is an 
> essential development for Sky customers using the Internet. IPv6 will 
> provide an almost limitless supply of IP addresses, so customers can 
> continue to enjoy using the Internet across multiple devices without 
> risk of losing connection.
> Whether it’s watching their favourite TV shows online, buying 
> concert tickets or online shopping, Sky is committed to providing its 
> customers with a reliable broadband experience, as the Internet 
> transitions to the next-generation addressing standard.
> After the success of extensive testing and trials, a controlled 
> rollout of updating the home routers for millions of Sky customers 
> commenced and is now almost completed for all eligible customers.
> Mohamed Hammady, Chief Technical Officer, Sky UK commented: "Technical 
> leadership is part of Sky’s DNA. We were the first carrier in the UK 
> to introduce 100Gb/s fibre optic technology for our core network, and 
> the first European adopter of Cisco’s latest carrier grade routers, 
> the NCS6000 series, bringing 8Tb/s technology to our super-core. And 
> now, we’re enabling the network to IPv6, future-proofing millions of 
> customers’ broadband connections. All these developments help us to 
> support customers’ huge demand for viewing TV on multiple devices 
> and demonstrate Sky’s commitment to giving customers the best 
> broadband experience.”
> Sky was recently awarded The Jim Bound IPv6 Award in recognition for 
> driving IPv6 adoption in the industry and is the first major UK ISP to 
> implement IPv6.
> Customers do not need to do anything to their compatible router as it 
> will have been updated automatically.
> For further information, please contact:
> Sky
> Sarah El-Hadidy
> Sarah.el-hadidy at sky.uk
> Notes to Editors
> By the end of 2016 all eligible customers will be IPv6 enabled, 
> raising the total to 95% of all Sky broadband customers.
> 95% of Sky’s routers and services are IPv6 compliant; with the 
> exception of customers using their own router which may not be 
> compliant, customers on the Sky Connect product, and customers using 
> some older Sky routers, which are not compliant.
> The IPv6 connectivity is provided alongside the existing IPv4 based 
> connection using a technique known as dual stack. Each customer is 
> provided with a /56 prefix, that can support up to 256 networks within 
> the home. The Sky router software also supports a stateful IPv6 
> firewall.
> About Sky
> Sky is Europe's leading entertainment company, serving 22 million 
> customers across five countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and 
> Italy. We offer the best and broadest range of content, deliver 
> market-leading customer service and use innovative new technology to 
> give customers a better TV experience, whenever and wherever they 
> choose.
> Sky has annual revenues of £12 billion and is Europe's leading 
> investor in television content with a combined programming budget of 
> £5.2 billion. The group employs 30,000 people and is listed on the 
> London Stock Exchange (SKY).
> https://corporate.sky.com/media-centre/news-page/2016/sky-completes-roll-out-of-ipv6-becoming-the-first-major-uk-internet-provider-to-future-proof-its-service-for-customers 
> <https://corporate.sky.com/media-centre/news-page/2016/sky-completes-roll-out-of-ipv6-becoming-the-first-major-uk-internet-provider-to-future-proof-its-service-for-customers>
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