[Bp_ipv6] Action Items for IPv6 BPF

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Sep 7 11:52:53 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks to everyone who attended Call # 5.

Doodle poll will be circulated for the next call #6.
(The date is 28th Sep - The poll will be for the time of the call)

Below are action items of our work between now and the next call.
Thanks all for your continued contributions!

1) More collection of contributions
    See attached PDF for the general status: http://intgovforum.org/pipermail/bp_ipv6_intgovforum.org/2016-September/000582.html

    We are interested to hear in particular from:
     - Comcast, Telefonica, Google, Youtube,  Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Verizon Wireless

2) Feedback for zero draft

    In particular:
     -Sections 3 and 4
     - From countries with low IPv6 deployment Section 5.1

3) Background information for contributions collected

     We would like to have a better understanding of stories behind the cases collected.
     From the case studies collected, we welcome background/stories/references you can share.

     @Wim, do you have a suggestion on how people can share such additional information?


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