[Bp_ipv6] Submission of response related Japanese cases.

Hiroshi Esaki hiroshi at wide.ad.jp
Mon Sep 5 01:27:00 EDT 2016

Thanks, Okutani-san,

As for Smart Meter program, some other issues about IoT with IPv6
has been recognized.
   (1) security requirements for smart meter system, which is not
       only the communication protocol, http/tcp/ip, but also
       includes embedded operating system or data handling in the
   (2) ISAC for security information sharing among stake-holders.
   (3) Ownership of data, generated by smart meter, for effective
       and productive use of IoT data.


Hiroshi Esaki

On 2016/09/05 14:03, Izumi Okutani wrote:
> Excellent. Thank you very much.
> I think they make interesting real life examples of cases on how IPv6
> are used outside the conventional Internet services.
> Izumi
> On 2016/09/05 13:44, Hiroshi Esaki wrote:
>> Dear IPv6 Colleagues,
>> I, Hiroshi Esaki from Japan, have submitted response to the
>> case studies introducing cases of wide-area infrastructure
>> deployment in Japan. Some of cases uses IPv6 different from
>> conventional use on the Internet.
>> I have picked up the following three infrastructure development.
>>    (1) Smart Meter, on-going
>>    (2) NGN IPv6, on-going
>>    (3) Mobile IPv6 Launch, preparing
>> For example for (1), it is Smart meter system for residential houses
>> in Japan, deployed by major electric utility companies.
>> Especially, TEPCO (http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/index-e.html), that is
>> the largest company in Japan accommodating more than 30 Million
>> residential houses, and Kyushu Electric Power Company
>> (http://www.kyuden.co.jp/en_index.html), that accommodates more
>> than 8 million residential house, has been developing IPv6 single
>> stack smart meter access network. TEPCO mainly uses multi-hop
>> wireless network with 6LOWPAN and Kyushu Electric Power Company
>> mainly uses 4G LTE IPv6 service for the access network.
>> I hope this helps!
>> Best,
>> Hiroshi Esaki, WIDE Project
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