[Bp_ipv6] BPF v6 survey URL simplified

Aaron Hughes aaronh at tcp0.com
Tue Oct 4 01:30:16 EDT 2016


I became annoyed with the lack of an easy URL to give to people and registered http://v6survey.com/ 

Background: At a meeting this morning with Izumi and Sumon we discussed filling in some gaps including some outreach at NANOG, ARIN and RIPE. I suggested a lightning talk at NANOG and perhaps some catchy cards to hand out in order to distribute the URL. Then, after Izumi gave an update at the APNIC42 Cooperation SIG I heard myself tell the room "Come find one of us and we will email you the URL" /sad face. Therefore http://v6survey.com/.

We can use it for other things later.



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