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JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Tue Nov 15 12:22:13 EST 2016

Hi Izumi, all,

Responding to your question. In the survey, to allow as many people as possible to respond, even if they don’t know all the responses, many questions are not mandatory.

This is the case for the one you mention. So, as there are 52% of “no answer”, it doesn’t mean that this % is an “alternative” answer, so we must take the “real” proportion of only the people that responded yes is commercial or not yet.

So in total we have 372 answers for yes, and 199 for no. Total answers: 372+199 (571), so the % for yes is 65,14%. Not sure why/how I rounded up to 64% … may be I misstyped some digit or I forgot something now, but is an irrelevant 1% difference.

Actually looking to the rest of the survey details it makes sense, because is being answered for people that does IPv6 (I can ping and traceroute to many addresses in each AS IPv6 block. I did a script to verify it). So even people that didn't responded, I can see their IPv6 addresses in the apache logs, they match their whois, and they are “reachable”.


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    Thank you Michael for sharing the reference, and Jordi for conducting and sharing the survey results.
    I saw it posted on APNIC blog as well -  nice to see it widely distributed.
    I also initially had the same question as Oliver, trying to figure out where it could fit.
    Taking more time to look into it, this would fit in nicely in "Section 4.2.1. ISPs".
    The survey describes the state of IPv6 deployment for ISPs per different access line services such as:
    "Recent technologies such as FTTH (35%), xDSL (22%) and Cable/DOCSIS (20%) were among the most popular across the different regions. This result confirms that ISPs avoid investing in replacing CPEs, such as older DOCSIS 1 deployment, or first xDSL ones.""Looking at the evolution of the responses in previous months, and responses to question on transition mechanisms, I observed an increase in the deployment of CGN. At the same time there is a small increase in the usage of transition technologies such as 464XLAT (and in a minor proportion MAP T/E), in order to provide IPv6-only access to the residential customers, which is very consistent with what has been happening in cellular networks in the past few years."
    My observation:
    * ISPs tenancies to avoid investing in replacing CPEs is observed here as well - This matches with some of our case studies/observations/challenges
    * It is interesting (and encouraging), that there is a small increase in use of native IPv6--> IPv4 transition technology.
    * It mentions in "Takeaways" that users can affected when deploying IPv6 in web sites or other services, by ISP's lack of knowledge, misconfiguration.
       (Due to “IPv4-mind-set”as Michael has quoted)
       This leads to observation that these issues need to be addressed by more trainings
       This has synergy with a comment made by an interviewee at NANOG68 meeting where he observed some issues around IPv6 are based on misunderstanding due misconfiguration, and giving the impression IPv6 deteriorates service quality
    Question to Jordi:
    I didn't follow the logic here -  I'm probably missing something and would appreciate it if you could explain the rationale.
    "31% of respondents indicated their IPv6 service is already commercial and another 17% indicated it is still in trial stages. Considering that 52% of respondents answered “no answer”, we can extrapolate that almost 64% of the responders have a commercial service."
      - My simple mind tells me that if "31% of respondents indicated their IPv6 service is already commercial", then % of respondents with IPv6 commercial service is "31%" (Not 64% as described).
      - Why would "no answer"(52%) be incorporated into % of respondents with (IPv6?) commercial service (64%)?
    On 2016/11/15 20:33, Michael Oghia wrote:
    > Hi Olivier,
    > I think Izumi, Sumon, and Wim are the best to answer that, but after reviewing it, Jordi's first sentence under "takeaways" was:
    > /"The most worrying takeaway for me from this survey so far is that there are still a lot of engineers that try to deploy IPv6 the same way they deploy IPv4, which is plain wrong."/
    > So, I think that speaks volumes. And the data is very good. Gracias Jordi!
    > Best,
    > -Michael
    > On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 12:29 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com <mailto:ocl at gih.com>> wrote:
    >     Hi there,
    >     could the following be of help to any aspects of our paper?
    >     Kindest regards,
    >     Olivier
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    >     Dear colleagues,
    >     For those of you who missed Jordi Palet's presentation at RIPE 73 in
    >     Madrid, the summary of his IPv6 deployment survey is now on RIPE Labs:
    >     https://labs.ripe.net/Members/jordipaletm/results-of-the-ipv6-deployment-survey <https://labs.ripe.net/Members/jordipaletm/results-of-the-ipv6-deployment-survey>
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