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Hi Izumi, all:

It was my pleasure, Izumi. And I see it as a way to assist with the BPF's
outreach activities (which I am always happy to support if not spearhead

Moreover, you are exactly right. The timing coincide nicely with the
release of our outcome document, and I encourage anyone interested to


On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 6:28 PM, 奥谷 泉 <izumiokutani at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:

> Thank you Michael for sharing about open consultation in the ITU which has
> relevant topic with our IPv6 BPF Group. Your input to ITU's earlier
> consultation, referencing IPv6 BPF work in 2015 was very valuable.
> I see that the timing of the comment fits nicely with our schedule, just
> after the global IGF in Dec, where we would have had more discussions on
> take aways for policy makers and business decision makers. It would be a
> great opportunity to reference our BPF document or anything else you would
> like to contribute on this topic either as an individual or as an
> organisation.
> Izumi
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> Dear colleagues,
> From February to October, the ITU Council Working Group on International
> Internet-related Public Policy Issues
> <http://www.itu.int/en/council/cwg-internet/Pages/default.aspx> (CWG-Internet)
> held an open consultation (online and physical) titled "Building an
> enabling environment for access to the Internet."
> In early October, I submitted a personal contribution discussing the work
> of the IPv6 BPF, called for IPv6 to be included in building an enabling
> environment for access to the Internet, and heavily cited the 2015 BPF
> document.
> The new consultation following up on that work has opened and is now
> asking the following questions:
> *1.* What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for example,
> economic, social, regulatory and technical aspects), especially for
> developing countries?
> *2.* How can governments and other stakeholders promote the developmental
> aspects of the Internet?
> *3.* What are the challenges and opportunities?"
> I want to encourage anyone interested in IPv6 proliferation to submit a
> personal contribution and/or a contribution on behalf of your organization. I
> also attached my original contribution for reference.
> *The deadline is January 4.*
> Best,
> -Michael
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