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Dear Abdarahim, we have been working deeply on these issues at LACNIC and we got some main conclusions that can be related to Africa.


1.       Africa still has enough IPv4 addresses and so, by the moment, there should not be noticeable problems not deploying IPv6.

2.       So, ISP that are not needing to replace obsolete equipment has no incentive to deploy IPv6.

3.       If you have enough IPv4 the first incentives to appear shall be content or applications not available at all on IPv4.

4.       One case, among several other cases, is that of Orange that has decided to make an strategic deployment of IPv6 in Africa taking into consideration the above point. They want to be prepared using the time on their side and considering the exhaustion for 2019.

5.       Other ISP may be still waiting and thinking that they will be able to use CGNAT, if IPv4 addresses become exhausted.

6.       In these cases we think that the best strategy always will be, at least, to progressively replace obsolete equipment by DS modern one.

7.       Equipment is not only network assets including the most visible customer access, but mainly the backoffice hard and soft (BSS/OSS, Firewalls, addresses stock management and so on) as well as strong personnel training. 


Here is the link to the full report in english: http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/wp-content/caf-lacnic/CAF-LACNIC-IPv6-Deployment-Social-Economic-Development-in-LAC.pdf (Orange case including Africa on page 61)


An economic model (Spanish) can be reached at: http://stats.labs.lacnic.net/PROYECTOCAF/modelo/ 


Best Regards, Omar


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Dear All !


Some countries like Nigeria ,South Africa, Kenya and Egypt  have implemented IPV6,

Why ipv6 deployment is slow in Africa what to do about-it ?

More an information check this links Ipv6 deployment is slow in Africa <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20151018_why_ipv6_deployment_is_slow_in_africa_what_to_do_about_it/> 

 Some couuntries Niger , South Sudan, Central Africa Republic and Chad is very lack IPV6 Implemented,

Case in Chad  it has been hold  only 5 Trainings organized by Afrinic with a local hosts ISOC CHAD, HTCE, ADETIC, IPV6 TASK FORCE CHAD, SOTEL CHAD, AUF,

IPV6 Task force work closely for outreach and Sensitization, we have only 8 LIR, 2 End-Users, and  0 Associate member  to AFRINIC and

There is big difference between Chad and South Africa concerning IPV6 Test. for more information see the links below : Chad <http://ipv6-test.com/stats/country/TD>  and South Africa <http://ipv6-test.com/stats/country/ZA> 

and also see the link below Delegations AS TD <https://www-public.tem-tsp.eu/~maigron/RIR_Stats/RIR_Delegations/Delegations/ASN/TD.html> 

Best Regards

Youssouf Abdelrahim







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> It would also be good to hear more cases about African and Middle Eastern case, both successful and challenges.

In Africa, you should look closer to what Liquid Telecom has achieved in
Kenya [1] and Zimbabwe [2][3] this year.

1. https://afnog.org/pipermail/afnog/2016-August/002756.html

2. https://afnog.org/pipermail/afnog/2016-September/002869.html

3. http://labs.apnic.net/cgi-bin/ccpagev6?c=zw

Willy Manga
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Ubuntu Cameroonian Loco Team

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