[Bp_ipv6] Recording and chat from call #1 (6/23)

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at ripe.net
Thu Jun 30 03:59:01 EDT 2016

> This of course means finding groups that would be willing to share such information about their decision-making processes. Not always easy!

Which I see as the biggest challenge for this years efforts and I hope that the MAG and especially the representatives from the commercial stakeholder groups can help us with outreach and in explaining people why there is value in sharing this information, which is often considered company confidential.

Maybe as a side effort this group can help come up with some key messages that can assist in those efforts? Especially aimed at those we likely need most, the product managers, marcom and financial people.

Why does sharing this information adds value to the industry eco system and as such enhances your business model? (Which I realise is pretty close to the final question of why IPv6 adoption matters).


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