[Bp_ipv6] Recording and chat from call #1 (6/23)

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Hi Izumi, all,

Izumi, thank you for sharing these resources and leading the effort!

With the understanding that the focus of the BPF this year is on building one's business case for an IPv6 transition, it might be worth considering an approach that focuses on collecting a handful of case studies from different organizations or businesses in different regions. The case studies could be modeled around the same question template, and the questions could come from those business folk on the list who have experience in making a transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in their own business.

This of course means finding groups that would be willing to share such information about their decision-making processes. Not always easy!


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Dear Colleagues,

Below are the recording and chat text from our Call #1, on 23rd June UTC1600.

Streaming recording link:
Download recording link:

Some of the discussions from the meeting were:

* Scope and Goals - no objections observed

* A suggestion was made to reflect cases where IPv6 BPF 2015 have helped in encouraging IPv6 adoption

* Some brainstorming on what aspect of economic element and business cases to be covered in this group

   - An example of Latin American Study was mentioned. 
     The Study analyzes and compared stated of IPv6 adoption in several countries in the region

    - What are the regulations which accommodates economic incentives for IPv6 adoption?

   - For case studies, a comment was made that balance in regional coverage is important

   - A suggestion was made that it may be worth sharing IPv6 can be a decision which would be more economical than other technologies

   - How wide do we want to cover?
    e.g., Business cases for those in the IT industry, those do business on the Internet, those who use the Internet for business infrastructure
          Do we cover IPv6 adoption in the conventional Internet, or do we also cover other areas such as mobile, IoT?

Many thanks to those attended the call and proper notes will be circulated before the next call.

I will send a separate email about the Doodle poll for the next call.


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