[Bp_ipv6] Starting IPv6 BPF 2016: Next call on 23rd June

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jun 22 23:28:30 EDT 2016

Hi Aaron, all,

You don't need a password to register at: https://intgovforum.webex.com/intgovforum/j.php?RGID=ra8e66724ded8a366ee621f9ef5d1721c.
(The same link as my previous mail)

After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email message that contains the meeting password and instructions for joining the meeting.
If you click the link you receive in the confirmation email, it's all the same as the usual Webex call in joining the meeting.

As the host of the Webex call, perhaps someone from the IGF Secretariat has additional information.

It's slightly different from the usual procedure for joining Webex (i.e., there is additional step to register) so thanks for asking.


On 2016/06/23 9:54, Aaron Hughes wrote:
> What is the meeting password to register?
> Cheers,
> Aaron
> -- Aaron Hughes aaronh at tcp0.com +1-703-244-0427 Key fingerprint = 6486 43A5 1692 502C DCFC 8446 C714 E317 F6B1 DEC2 http://www.tcp0.com/
>> >On Jun 22, 2016, at 00:06, Izumi Okutani<izumi at nic.ad.jp>  wrote:
>> >
>> >Dear Colleagues,
>> >
>> >
>> >We are starting work on IPv6 BPF 2016 and I am serving as a MAG Coordinator this year, with my colleague Sumon Ahmed Sabir.
>> >You can see our profiles at:http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/mag/45-mag-membership/3030-mag-2016-membership-2
>> >
>> >
>> >To start work for the BPF this year. we would like to invite you to:
>> >
>> >1) Share your feedback on the attached Scope and Goals document for IPv6 BPF 2016
>> >    Close comments by: Fri 1st July
>> >
>> >2) Join us in the call at UTC1600 Thu 23rd June
>> >   *Register*
>> >   <https://intgovforum.webex.com/intgovforum/j.php?RGID=ra8e66724ded8a366ee621f9ef5d1721c>
>> >   After your request has been approved, you'll receive instructions for joining the meeting.
>> >
>> >To share some background, last year’s BPF on IPv6 focused on creating capacity building platforms and awareness raising, in the form of national and regional IPv6 taskforces and other initiatives.
>> >Building upon the conclusions of last year, the BPF on IPv6  organizers now suggest a focus on the economic decisions and commercial drivers behind the decision to adopt IPv6.
>> >
>> >Therefore, the target is non-technical people who can share economic/business perspectives.
>> >
>> >As we did last year, we would like to start with fixing the Scope and Goals document, to be the basis of our work for the output document to be produced as our BFP.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Best Regards,
>> >Izumi Okutani
>> ><Scope-and-goals-IPv6BPF2016.pdf>
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