[Bp_ipv6] Lacnic's IPv6 Doctor Project

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:12:17 EDT 2016

  So far the questions have had have been more or less technical.
  However, I do have one in the queue that relates to loosing customers
because not supporting IPv6. If we are lucky should be ready in less
than a week.  I promise to keep you posted regarding this one.



El 7/29/2016 a las 3:22 AM, 奥谷 泉 escribió:
> Thank you for sharing it Alejandro for a new and interesting
> inititative. It looks like it would make it easy for people to ask
> questions about IPv6 deployment and great to know it supports multiple
> languages.
> If there are any questions about business decisions, it would be good
> to understand what kind of questions people have as reference for this
> group as well.
> The scope of this year's work is on economic element/business cases
> but if we can still add references to last year's document, I think
> this project itself would fit in nicely as a reference IMO.
> Izumi
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>     Hello,
>       This is quick email just to tell about a new project that we have in
>     Lacnic....., it's called "The IPv6 Doctor". Of course the motivation
>     behind this project is to encourage the IPv6 adoption.
>       Basically it's a mailbox where we receive questions about IPv6 and
>     then we try to find the best responder. Suppose a question is
>     about DNS
>     & IPv6, then we try to find a person who is willing to answer this
>     question and so on.
>       We have had terrific feedback about this project, some people in the
>     community created a RSS service, added it to iTunes and much more. So
>     far we have had 10 question and 6 have been already answered.
>       Podcasts are freely available for download in .mp3 and .ogg format.
>       We accept questions in Spanish, English & Portuguese but until
>     now we
>     have only had questions & answers in Spanish.
>       We released the project in May during our Lacnic 24 event and I will
>     be giving a short update during Lacnic 25.
>       The project page can be found here:
>     http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/dripv6es/
>     Best regards,
>     Alejandro,
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