[Bp_ipv6] Lacnic's IPv6 Doctor Project

奥谷 泉 izumiokutani at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jul 29 03:22:21 EDT 2016

Thank you for sharing it Alejandro for a new and interesting inititative. It looks like it would make it easy for people to ask questions about IPv6 deployment and great to know it supports multiple languages. 

If there are any questions about business decisions, it would be good to understand what kind of questions people have as reference for this group as well.

The scope of this year's work is on economic element/business cases but if we can still add references to last year's document, I think this project itself would fit in nicely as a reference IMO.


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>Subject: [Bp_ipv6] Lacnic's IPv6 Doctor Project
>  This is quick email just to tell about a new project that we have in
>Lacnic....., it's called "The IPv6 Doctor". Of course the motivation
>behind this project is to encourage the IPv6 adoption.
>  Basically it's a mailbox where we receive questions about IPv6 and
>then we try to find the best responder. Suppose a question is about DNS
>& IPv6, then we try to find a person who is willing to answer this
>question and so on.
>  We have had terrific feedback about this project, some people in the
>community created a RSS service, added it to iTunes and much more. So
>far we have had 10 question and 6 have been already answered.
>  Podcasts are freely available for download in .mp3 and .ogg format.
>  We accept questions in Spanish, English & Portuguese but until now we
>have only had questions & answers in Spanish.
>  We released the project in May during our Lacnic 24 event and I will
>be giving a short update during Lacnic 25.
>  The project page can be found here: http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/dripv6es/
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