[Bp_ipv6] Call for contributions - Preparation (Feedback to questions by: 22nd July)

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jul 20 04:54:22 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to call for contributions to contents of the output documents.

IPv6 BPF is looking for contents in two parts.

 i. Analysis from economic perspective on IPv6 adoption
 ii. Case Studies on business decisions behind IPv6 adoption

Based on this, I would like to seek for your inputs on three points.
Thanks to everyone who engage in this group and looking forward to receive your inputs.

*1) Questions to contributors of Case Studies*

For contributions for ii., I welcome your feedback on the questions for the contributors to the case studies.
Once agreed, we would like to request you to reach out to your contacts, based on the list of organisations in 2).

   Draft questions to contributors: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hzk0c_HAvtv1V4uURNWJhFmRNL7NpJGgcoTEtWGHRP8/edit?usp=sharing
   How to provide inputs          : Please add your comments to the above google doc
   Close feedback                 : 22nd July UTC23:59

In the meantime, I encourage you to start reaching out to organisations you have contacts for, before waiting for the questions to be fixed, as heads up.

*2) List of organisations for Case Studies*

If you know organisations which have commercially deployed IPv6 in the following countries, please list your suggestions in the google doc below. 
The basic approach is to identify countries with high IPv6 deployment rate and to reach out to organisations which have commercially deployed IPv6 in those economies.

   How to provide inputs :
   Please fill in the table "IV. Volunteers to Collect Case Studies"

   Time frame: Before the next IPv6 BPF call (Date is currently coordinated by Wim by Doodle Poll)
               While this is not final fixed deadline e would like to confirm and review case studies received at the next call.
This list is based on over 10 % IPv6 Capable, per statistics provided by APNIC labs: http://stats.labs.apnic.net/ipv6/
We would need to consider regional balance at the end, as Europe appears at a high rate.

	BE Belgium, Western Europe, Europe
	US United States of America, Northern America, Americas
	DE Germany, Western Europe, Europe
	CH Switzerland, Western Europe, Europe
	GR Greece, Southern Europe, Europe
	PT Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe
	EC Ecuador, South America, Americas
	LU Luxembourg, Western Europe, Europe
	PE Peru, South America, Americas
	EE Estonia, Northern Europe, Europe
	JP Japan, Eastern Asia, Asia
	FI Finland, Northern Europe, Europe
	GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Northern Europe, Europe
	MY Malaysia, South-Eastern Asia, Asia
	FR France, Western Europe, Europe
	CA Canada, Northern America, Americas
	BR Brazil, South America, Americas

*3) Brainstorming for output document*

I welcome any other feedback on brainstorming for output document
  How to provide inputs : Please add your comments to the google doc below  (same link as 2))


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