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Constance, I am very supportive of a workshop proposal on the two areas you suggested.  I am also submitting comments on the Open Consultation which I think should also be paid attention by MAG members, in their individual capacity.
The WSIS Forum is a collaborative session that has the ITU acting as a secretariat but is indeed a collaboration of the UN agencies responsible for the ALs .This year, there is an imperative need to focus on how the SDGs can be support achievement of the ALS.
Marilyn Cade
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Subject: [IGFmaglist] Disseminating IGF 2015 outputs @WSIS Forum,	2-6 May 2016
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Dear Colleagues, 

You may have seen that the deadline for submitting workshop proposals for the 
2016 WSIS Forum is 30 January. For those of you involved in developing IGF 2015 outputs, this could be a good opportunity to showcase and disseminate the Best Practices and Policy Options presented in Joao Pessoa:

 IGF Best Practices Handbook covering the following topics: Mitigating Spam, Enabling environments for IPv6 adoption, Establishing CSIRTs, Countering abuse against women online, Developing meaningful Multistakeholder Mechanisms and Enabling
 environments for IXPs

 IGF Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion

The WSIS Forum will be held in Geneva from 2 to 6 May 2016. Details on how to participate are available below.

Best regards,

Constance Bommelaer

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Dear Sir/ Madam 


Wish you a happy new year! This is to draw your attention to the deadline of the official submission to the WSIS FORUM 2016 Open Consultation process.
The deadline is 30th January 2016. The official submission form is available here:



Your submission is very important for us as the Agenda and Programme is built from the submissions received. This will also allow you to request for workshops, exhibition spaces,  identify topics and provide suggestions on the format.


We look forward to your submission before the deadline. 


We remain at your disposal for any further information 

Best regards,


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