[Bp_ipv6] Looking for your thoughts - Section on End Users

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at ripe.net
Fri Sep 25 07:23:55 EDT 2015

> Even when consumers buy a device that has IPv6, and fully complies with IPv6 standards there remains the challenge of correctly configuring the device to use IPv6.   There are no interface standards for how configuration features are labeled in Setup screens, nor is there a standard or even best practice for how the device alerts the consumer that it is using IPv6 - for example  there isn't an IPv6 equivalent to the 4G LTE shown on cell phones.

Not sure wether this really fits the BPF at is not current practice, let alone a “best”, but here is a thought.

Picked this up from some other media this week:

"Freeview has announced that the Freeview Trade Mark Licence will only be granted for HD products from the end of 2016 with the brand no longer appearing on new SD products.”

And was wondering instead of adding a logo, could you apply the same strategy here and pull a well a recognised logo off the box for not being IPv6 compliant? 

IMHO ties a bit in to Apple’s “You have to do IPv6 if you want to be on IOS 9”.

Could you in time for instance take away the Wi-Fi Certified trademarks unless the device supports IPv6?

Just a thought,


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