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>Hi Olivier,
>Thanks, that is exactly the kind of certification I was referring to, and
>it should be included in the report.   Though I was thinking of a
>consumer level equivalent that would appear on home CE devices such as
>TVs, DVRs, tablets, laptops, cameras , wifi enable SD cards, connected
>appliances etc. The ipv6ready tests seem to are networking device and
>enterprise device focused and while very helpful for network architects
>overwhelming technically for consumers.

Interoperability tests aren¹t really for consumers. For consumer devices,
they¹re for vendors to make sure their stuff actually works.

>Do you, or anyone, know if they plan a  CE version for consumers,
>including building brand recognition around the logo? If so that would
>merit a mention if not more in the report.
>I looked through their database but didn't find any CE devices beyond
>home gateway/router devices.   Are there any examples of IPv6 consumer
>devices?    I recall there is at least one TV on the market that supports
>IPv6 though I don't recall which manufacturer or model it was.

I think Samsung¹s new models support IPv6.
Several printers run IPv6.
Nest thermostats.
Wireless light bulbs.
Panasonic cameras.

Sure, there are still items with no IPv6-supporting vendors, but the IPv6
market is growing. Search for ³IPv6 <device>² for whatever device you care
to think of.


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>> On Sep 19, 2015, at 7:17 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
>> https://www.ipv6ready.org/
>>> On 17/09/2015 15:17, Deen, Glenn (NBCUniversal) wrote:
>>> However for consumers that are aware it's very difficult to find,
>>> choose, and configure IPv6 supporting CE Devices.
>>> First, just identifying which devices offer IPv6 support can be very
>>> difficult as their is no standard for labeling this feature.
>>> Compare that to TV sets , Media players etc which carry industry
>>> logos to show they support things like DTS sound, HD,  BluRay,  MP3
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