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Thank you, Marco and Nathalie.

Olivier, keen to hear your thoughts, too.

All others, as well, please share ideas.

The section could simply serve that purpose - the best practice of asking for IPv6 products.

Just thinking - might anyone be in touch with the folks at the Consumer Electronics Association?

Yes, but not as close as John Brzozowski.

CEA has an IPv6 spec program:

It's largely based on the IPv6 Forum's CPE Ready logo program. UNH-IOL is the primary implementor of that program in the U.S., but there are other labs (I think CableLabs has some capability, the US Government has their own program, and there are other labs globally who test).



Susan Chalmers
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On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 9:08 PM, Marco Hogewoning <marcoh at ripe.net<mailto:marcoh at ripe.net>> wrote:
>> Many thanks everyone. I'm working on a calendar for the balance of our work. Your thoughts on this subject will assist that exercise.
> If I recall correctly, Aaron addressed that earlier, by saying that end-users should buy future proof internet devices. For example devices that support IPv6.
> Considering a TV, home router, smart meters, etc.
> I agree with this, but on the other hand, I can say from experience that this is not easy. I don't know an IPv6 enabled smart TV or thermostat at the moment.....

Indeed, while the problem is there I fear we run short of proper examples on how to address these. Raising awareness really has his limits and with the majority of (cheap) products flooding the market not being IPv6 ready it is unrealistic such a campaign would be effective.

I also had discussions with Civil Society in the past, who were hesitant to support an IPv6 statement as they thought it would have negative effects for their privacy. Still to deep for the general population to grasp. But maybe could serve us and provide some answers to those concerns.

I think when I put it in the draft structure indeed it was to at least have a place for CS input, which might also include some SME perspectives who are really just depending on packaged products and consultancy in for instance adopting their webshop to be IPv6 compliant.

Might want to tap into Olivier and see if with his ALAC hat he can think of content? Also equally happy to skip it and get rid of the section all together.



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