[Bp_ipv6] Looking for your thoughts - Section on End Users

Deen, Glenn (NBCUniversal) glenn.deen at nbcuni.com
Sat Sep 19 11:10:39 EDT 2015

Hi Olivier,

Thanks, that is exactly the kind of certification I was referring to, and it should be included in the report.   Though I was thinking of a consumer level equivalent that would appear on home CE devices such as TVs, DVRs, tablets, laptops, cameras , wifi enable SD cards, connected appliances etc. The ipv6ready tests seem to are networking device and enterprise device focused and while very helpful for network architects overwhelming technically for consumers.    

Do you, or anyone, know if they plan a  CE version for consumers, including building brand recognition around the logo? If so that would merit a mention if not more in the report.

I looked through their database but didn't find any CE devices beyond home gateway/router devices.   Are there any examples of IPv6 consumer devices?    I recall there is at least one TV on the market that supports IPv6 though I don't recall which manufacturer or model it was.


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> On Sep 19, 2015, at 7:17 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> https://www.ipv6ready.org/
>> On 17/09/2015 15:17, Deen, Glenn (NBCUniversal) wrote:
>> However for consumers that are aware it's very difficult to find,
>> choose, and configure IPv6 supporting CE Devices.
>> First, just identifying which devices offer IPv6 support can be very
>> difficult as their is no standard for labeling this feature.  
>> Compare that to TV sets , Media players etc which carry industry
>> logos to show they support things like DTS sound, HD,  BluRay,  MP3 etc.

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