[Bp_ipv6] Call for IPv6 anecdotes/examples/stories

Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Thu Sep 10 02:01:15 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to all who joined the call yesterday. I thought that it was very
productive. I will send out minutes and action points after I review the

Meanwhile, on the call it was felt that the section on the IPv6 Task Force
could benefit from more community content contributions before we put it on
the IGF platform.

Contributions can come in the form of relevant references that support the
text - links that we can cite - or direct quotes from discussants. The
draft document contains examples:


I have listed the examples that need illustrations below. People are
invited to add examples at their discretion, too.

Thanks to Marco for having offered to help with spreading the word and
helping with social media, etc.

*We'd like to have contributions by mid-next week, please*.


*Section 2(a)(ii) - Organizational Type*
<short example/anecdote about organizing a task force>
A description (2 or so paragraphs) about setting up a task force including,
for example, whether the TF decided to establish a charitable organization
/ legal entity and why.

*Section 2(b)(i) - Raising Awareness *

<example 1 - raising awareness>

<example 2 - where an IPv6 TF is promoting IPv6 applications>
<example 3 - where an IPv6 TF is promoting interoperable implementations>

*Section 2(b)(ii) - Providing advice*
<a similar example, and a quote, a quote from government on helpfulness>
An example of an IPv6 Task Force assisting or working with government.

*Section 2(b)(iii) - Solving problems*
<example 1 - TF resolving barrier issues>
<example 2 - TF solving end-to-end QoS problems>

*Section 2(c) - Common challenges*
<An example of an exemplary ISP that has adopted IPv6>

<example - coordination - thoughts on the challenges of coordination,
suggestions for addressing this problem>
<example - funding - description of funding challenges, suggestions for
addressing this problem>

Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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