[Bp_ipv6] Action items prior to next week's call

Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Fri Sep 4 01:13:40 EDT 2015

Dear all,

I hope this email finds everyone well.

I wanted to touch base to ask for suggestions for next week's call. I'm
thinking that we should aim to have our IPv6 Task Force section finished
internally, ready to go up on the platform for further comment. I'll be
working on that today and tomorrow.

I'm also keen to start collecting recommendations to Governments. Thus far
I have APNIC's and Venezuela's (thanks to Miwa and Alejandro). Herewith yet
another Google doc:

We also need to kick start the business discussion! And last I understood
we had thought to pick some of the top performing countries from George's
list to use as "case studies" or, as Wim suggests "IPv6 Champions." :)

Keen to hear everyone's thoughts! Also - we need greater participation from
colleagues in Africa and Asia, if you'd like to encourage your friends from
these places that'd be fantastic.


Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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