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Hi Susan,

Hi Susan,

I’ve asked some of orgs in Japan that have already implemented IPv6 to provide short texts on 4) Lessen leant from the private sector. They are putting the request through the Internal decision making process, and I got the following questions.

- Whom do you submit this document?
- Will this document be distributed worldwide?
- How do you distribute this document?
- Who will receive the document?

I’d appreciate your input.



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During today's call we addressed a few structural elements of the paper, including highlighting the similarities in best practices between ISPs and content providers, and acknowledging that enterprises are a different story.

We also decided to remove the case study section due to time constraints, and to emphasize in the conclusion that the efforts of all stakeholders combine to produce the best possible output, as opposed groups acting independently.

Lastly, we decided to add a brief section on research and education networks.

Taking this into account, I've rearranged the outline, provided below.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions today.


4)Lessons from the Private Sector

In this section we look at best practices identified within private sector organisations, beginning with ISPs and content providers, and ending with enterprises.

A.ISPs and content providers

i)Review existing infrastructure

ii)Determine whether vendors are IPv6-ready

iii)Training for employees

iv)Deploy public-facing IPv6 services

v)Migrate to IPv6 on internal networks

vi)Set internal deadlines

vii)Reach out to customers

viii)Consider different approaches to pricing (for ISPs)

ix)Plan for the unexpected


5)Research and Education Networks (NRENs)

A.About NRENs (including University service provider relationship)






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