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Dear Constance, 

Thank you very much, I have  been following this with interest, unfortunately I not really been in a position to add any meaningful input to date, I hope for that to change.

Kind Regards

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Subject: [Bp_spam] IGF Outputs - Best Practices and Policy Options

Dear MAG and IGF Colleagues

This is to inform you that some of the draft IGF 2015 outputs are now online:

I -  IGF Best Practices

The six draft IGF 2015 Best Practices documents are available here.

Developed in a bottom-up and multistakeholder fashion, they benefited from the input of experts of all stakeholder groups (read more about the methodology here). The drafts will be discussed at six Best Practices Forums next week before new versions are released and shared with relevant organizations and stakeholders. 

 - Strengthening Multistakeholder Participation Mechanisms (Nov. 10, 09.00-10.30. Workshop Room 6)

 - Regulating and Mitigating Unwanted Communications (Nov. 10, 09.00-10.30. Workshop Room 5)
 - Establishing and Supporting CSIRTs (Nov. 11, 11.00-12.30. Workshop Room 5)
 - Countering Abuse against Women Online (Nov. 11, 09.00-10.30. Workshop Room 6)
 - Creating an Enabling Environment for IPv6 Adoption (Nov. 11, 09.00-10.30. Workshop Room 2)
 - Enabling Environments for Establishing Successful IXPs (Nov. 10, 11.00-12.30. Workshop Room 5)

II  - IGF Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion

The draft IGF Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion as well as a short synthesis are available here.

They benefited from the input of 15 national and regional IGFs, out of more than 80 background contributions from all stakeholder groups, as well as comments through the IGF online platform (read more here). The draft will be enriched by the IGF discussion next week, and a final version released shortly after. 

All these IGF Best Practices and Policy Options will be discussed during the "Intersessional Main Session" that will be held on Nov. 11 from 2pm to 5:30 pm in the Main Hall. You are all invited to this session!

Thank you and best regards,

Constance Bommelaer

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