[Bp_ipv6] Amendment requests: BP_IPv6 doc

Miwa Fujii miwa at apnic.net
Mon Nov 2 00:00:56 EST 2015

Dear Susan,

Thanks for the link of the final draft:


Could you please make following two amendments in regards with input from Japan?

1. Page 2, ToC page, it still said “A case study: KDDI Japan”.  Pls remove KDDI.  They prefer to keep anonymous status.

2. Input from organisation A (Japan) is missing. Could you please add it their input to the doc?

As for your convenience, I attached the word file once more (I’ve sent this file to this list on last sat, 31/10/2015). I provided input from two organisations in Japan.

It would be great if you could send me the link to the final doc.  I would like to send the link to orgs who provided input.

Best regards,


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