[Bp_ipv6] Call for discussions: Movitation Factor, Activities/measures:

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri May 22 18:49:42 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Many thanks for everyone who joined us the call yesterday and I'd like to follow up from there to continue discussions online.

 - I categorized possible contents based on what has been shared both through discussions in this group and also on individual inputs I heard from some participants of this group.
 - On "Target of this document" and "Activities/measures", I have listed some compoents which may be useful to consider as starting point of discussions.

In terms of the target, it may be worth keeping in mind about the nature of environment needed to encourage IPv6 adoption as well as the IGF participants.

As many of you are well aware, an environmnet to encourage IPv6 adoption is not an effort you can accomplish on your own. It needs collaboration with various players, in different layers of the services.

IGF is the forum where people from various stakeholder groups participate. It is an opportunity to reach out to the groups where a single group of stakeholder may not have limited engagement opportunities.

With this in mind, I welcome feedback online, to build towards our next call, where I hope can agree on the problem statement.

If any of your inputs are not reflected, please let me know and I will reflect it here.
Also this list is not intended to be comprehensive nor complete. Please add/change anything you think is needed.

* Target of this document*
 - Government and policy makers

Anything to add/anyone else?

For example: 
[Preliminary list as starting point of discussions - Any group you think would be good to include as the target? Any group you is think not necessary to target in this document?]

 - Governments and policy makers
   How can governments and policy makers support an environment that encourages IPv6 adoption by industry players in their economy?
   (e.g. by sharing information, setting a role model, facilitating dialogue among industry players, supporting capacity building of the environment, creating financial incentives?);
 - Research and academia: How research and academia can help in sharing the general picture of the status of IPv6 adoption?
 - Community/Forum: How we can Community/Forum share information, build general sentiment, raise awareness towards IPv6 adoption
 - Nonprofit projects and activities: How it can help in raising awareness, motivate for specific actions, capacity building
 - Role per services: What can the various service providers for: fixed line access, mobile access, data centers, applications and contents providers, suppliers of products do to help IPv6 adoption?

* Motivation factor *
 Implications if IPv6 is not adopted and positive implications

 - Exhaustion of unallocated IPv4 pool - need for expanding capacities without affecting certain services, price of IPv4, cost and implications of adopting LSN (both in terms of services and law enforcements)
 - Mobile
 - Wider applications beyond conventional use - homenet/IoT(using buzz word for brevity for now) which can lead to client to client connections

 At the last call, there where different opinions whether to add future applications such as homenet/IoT should be added as a motivation factor, as it may give the impression that it is not a real current issue.
 This may be the case if we put this as the only motivation but if we could add this as one of the motivation factor, I personally don't see this would be an issue.

 What are your thoughts? I welcome your comments especially if there are any concerns about covering future applications and use, in addition to conventional use of IP address.

* Issues in encouraging IPv6 adoption*
 Discussions have started on a seperate thread, so let's continue there.

* Activities/measures *
[Preliminary list as starting point of discussions - If this format is not useful can be revised]

 - Building a community (IPv6 TF and other forums)
 - Sharing technical issue and case studies (NOGs and other groups, RIR website)
 - Sharing business cases
 - Trainings and outreach 
 - Setting a milestone
 - Confirm deployment status (Measurements, survey) 
 - Any other integrated measures on regional/local basis including measures taken by governments and policy makers

* Case Studies *
 - For different regions, different levels of internet 

* References *
 - Compilation of existing resources available 
   [Possible option: compile reference links on a webpage]

* Observations/learning from the experience *
 - What worked, what didn't work

* Remaining Issues *
 - Readiness by suppliers to provide IPv6 ready products
 - Awareness/motivation by key decision makers

* Future steps *      :
 - Reaching out to suppliers/any other measures to encourage readiness


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