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Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon May 11 20:35:58 EDT 2015

Hi Seun,

Many thanks for your feedback. It is helpful to have a comment on the timelines and I am looking forward to the discussions as well.

On your suggestion of merging Item 4 and 7, Item 4 could be a closer observation on specific practices while Item 7 could be more general broad observation, closer to summary, leading to considerations for the next steps.
You may be right that both contents end up to have overlaps and we could skip 7 when we start working on it and the group feel this is all duplicate of 7. On the other hand, we might actually think both would be useful, once we work on details on the contents, so I wonder if it would be useful to keep those items as a place holder for now, and consider deleting when we work on the actual contents, if this indeed is likely to be duplicates.

What do you think? I'd be interested to hear further comments especially if you feel strongly if Items 4 and 7 should be merged.

I continue to welcome input from everyone on this list both on the next steps and the draft of scope and the goals shared at: http://intgovforum.org/pipermail/bp_ipv6_intgovforum.org/2015-April/000002.html

Clarification questions are welcome as well.


On 2015/04/30 17:20, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hi Izumi,
> Thanks for the welcome. It's good to be here and I look forward to an
> interesting discussion. Item 4 and 7 seem to have some similarities and I
> suggest they be merged. As to number of weeks, we have 20weeks from May -
> September (i suggest using Oct as review month). I think we can comfortably
> allocate 2 weeks each with the flexibility of spilling into 2.5/3 weeks as
> required; depending on the level of discussion.
> Regards
> sent from Google nexus 4
> kindly excuse brevity and typos.
> On 30 Apr 2015 08:45, "Izumi Okutani" <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>> Dear Colleagues,
>> Many thanks for your interest, and for joining the IPv6 Best Practice
>> Forum email list.
>> As a group, our goal is to exchange information and share best practices
>> on activities and measures for an environment which accommodates IPv6
>> adoption through moderated discussion. Our discussion will continue online
>> up until the IGF2015 in November, where it will result in the publication
>> of a document on IPv6 best practices, to be shared with the global
>> community. The goal of this group is not only to learn from one another,
>> but also to share real stories and advice that will help many different
>> communities to adopt IPv6.
>> To start off, we would like to do two things:
>>  -  Form a basic conversation on Plan for Discussion Steps leading up to
>> the IGF2015, and
>>  -  Define Scope and Goals for the group, so we have a shared
>> understanding around the scope of discussion and our goals
>> In this email we solicit your feedback on Plan for Discussion Steps. We
>> will shortly send a second email relating to the Scope and Goals.
>> We look forward to hearing your feedback on both e-mails by Wed May 6th.
>> Plan for Discussion Steps
>> As a starting point of discussions, below is a plan for discussion steps
>> based upon the Internet Society���s suggested template for the Best Practice
>> Forum outcome document:
>> 1.   Definition of the issue;
>> 2.   Regional specificities observed (e.g. Internet industry development);
>> 3.   Existing policy measures and private sector initiatives, impediments;
>> 4.   What worked well, identifying common effective practices;
>> 5.   Unintended consequences of policy interventions, good and bad;
>> 6.   Unresolved issues where further multistakeholder cooperation is
>> needed;
>> 7.   Insights gained as a result of the experience;
>> 8.   Proposed steps for further multistakeholder dialogue
>> We would like to address these items in order - spending a few weeks on
>> each item (less or more, as necessary).
>> Please note that the above eight points are not set in stone. We can adapt
>> them if need be, to better suit our specific discussion, and welcome you
>> feedback on what is more suitable for IPv6 Best Practices.
>> Questions:
>> What items, if any, would you add or subtract from the lists above?
>> How many weeks of discussion would you allot to each item (understanding
>> that we should save at least 2 weeks prior to the IGF (November 10th-13th)
>> to review our work)?
>> Thank you,
>> Susan Chalmers and Izumi Okutani
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