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Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Wed Jun 17 15:43:59 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

I hope that this email finds you all well.

A few things, rather briefly as I appreciate that everyone is busy:

   - *Scope and Goals* - Wim is finalizing this document
   and we will publish and circulate it - and would appreciate your
   circulating it to your networks - before our next meeting, held during
   ICANN53. It has turned out to be a very nice piece of work which should
   help orientate all newcomers to the discussion henceforth.

   - *Problem Definition*, also known as *Background Paper *- Special
   thanks to Aaron H and Marco H for your contributions. I've set my mind to
   organising the document and have developed a general outline. Editing work
   is ongoing, and whilst the document is open I'd like to re-invite all
   interested to share their thoughts here
   We intend to finalize a penultimate draft during our next meeting. Please
   note that your contributions will be accounted for and incorporated on a
   rolling basis.

   - *Next Meeting - *Please do join us for our next meeting. The Doodle
   poll is available here <http://doodle.com/eeve6mbpzqvffyhd>. I will
   close the poll on the 19th at 22h00 ART, or the 20th at 1h00 UTC.

   - *Share your Publications* - With thanks to Nathalie T, Paul W, and
   Miwa F's submission of documents. If you work for or within an RIR
   community, or anywhere else for that matter, we warmly invite you to share
   resources on IPv6 adoption to be published at the IGF Secretariat
   repository, here
   The resources you share will become helpful reference material for not only
   the Background Document, but the final paper as well.

Many thanks all!

Warm regards,

Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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