[Bp_ipv6] "Suggested different stages of adoption" (was: Re: Update: Scope & Goals; Problem Definition)

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Jun 9 01:14:58 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to share the latest status of "Suggested different stages of adoption" which has been discussed on this mailing list.

This is now moved to a new section as "Acknowledging different stages of IPv6 adoption" of "Problem Definition".

Does this sufficiently cover the points expressed by everyone on "Suggested different stages of adoption"?

*Next step*
I'd like to give it until the end of this week, to continue discussions on "Suggested different stages of adoption", in case there are other thoughts.

For other contents to be incorporated as the Problem Definition, we will fix the contents now, as it has passed UTC2:00am 9th June.
Expanding on the points being raised and improving the text continues to be welcome!

*Overview of the suggested change*
The point here is to make an observation that there are differen stages in IPv6 adoption, and clarifying that sharing its best practices is outside the scope of this document.
It is based on taking into account of the feedback received on this mailing list and directly to the Google Docs.

Feeback on the ML: 
- Concerns have been expressed about covering this as the scope of this group, and defining it a problem definition
- Based on an observation that this may be narrow and deep in the scope and the efforts made by a particular group will lead to duplicate work; a suggestion was made to focus the problem on bridging the gaps  where there are interdepenencies between different players,

Feedback on Google Docs:
- Acknowledging the above points, an observation was made that it is worth noting that these are not intuitive and will need to be clearly described if those are the stages we want to use.

*Current text on Google Docs*
Acknowledging different stages of IPv6 adoption

There are different stages of IPv6 adoption as described below. The decision is upto each individual network to make, depending on what suits their business, service and and network environment. 
* available 
* preferred 
* exclusive

Describing the best practices for each of the stages are outside the scope of this Best Practices document, as it has more specific technical elements and there is no one size fit all solution. IPv6 adoption in each network has lots of individual and unique elements to be considered. This could fit in a document that would describe technical behaviours/deployments of IPv6 (which we share as references in this document). 


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