[Bp_ipv6] Call for Comments for Contents of the "Problem Definition/Introduction" [ Before Mon 8th June UTC2:00am]

Miwa Fujii miwa at apnic.net
Thu Jun 4 18:06:01 EDT 2015

Hi Izumi and Susan,

Thanks for chairing yesterday¹s tele-conference. Thanks for this summary
as well.  I think it captured well what we discussed.

Just one small clarification from my end.  Pls see my comments below in

>[For Further Discussions]
>On different stages of adoption suggested as the problem definition,
>there was a comment that a general status description would be helpful.
>At the same time an observation was made whether this is something to be
>covered as the problem definition. A suggestion was made for an
>alternative contents to cover. Miwa - would you mind to re-share what was
>share in the chat?
>Further, a suggestion was made to touch on this as future recommended
>steps as a message to businesses.
>I'd welcome your comments on the above discussions at the call and the
>way forward in handling this.
>Suggested different stages of adoption
>-	available
>-	preferred
>-	exclusive

As mentioned in yesterday¹s tele-conference, I think the above
information, i.e., Suggested different stages of adoption, is rather
outside of the scope of this BP document to be developed by this group.
As we discussed yesterday, I understand the main aim of this document is
to provide environmental support for IPv6 adoption.

The above topic has more specific technical elements which have been
tackled by the Internet technical community for over the last decade. And
the efforts are still being made.  And there is no one size fit all
solution.  IPv6 adoption in each network has lots of individual and unique
elements to be considered.

Having said so, if this BP document still wants to include some simple
messages for the technical community, then it can be focused on a very
high level information something like:

³Start testing IPv6 in your network now, and consider enabling IPv6 for
new subscribers as a default services.  This approach is one of proven
methods of successful IPv6 deployment among IPv6 adopters.²

And this type of text can be stated in a latter part of the document, not
in the introductory part.

I hope the above explanation provides some clarity what I mentioned

Thanks again for your great work.


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