[Bp_ipv6] Call for comment "Timelines" for our group [ Before Mon 8th June UTC2:00am]

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jun 3 22:01:52 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to call for comments on the timelines for our group until Mon 8th June UTC2:00am.
Please also express your preference on future arrangements of the Virtual Meeting by the above time.

No changes have been made since the last timelines I have shared on the list.

After incorporating your comments, we will fix it as the agreed timelines of our group, and the next key point in our timelines is to publish the background document by the end of June.


*General timelines*
 Early July                   - Publish background document

 Before IGF(Oct)              - Publish draft outcome document for comments
                                (Incorporating "background document" published in July)

 IGF (Nov)                    - Face to face discussions

 After IGF (Nov/Dec)          - Fix the document, publish, proactively share including governments

*Timeline for publishing background document*
 2nd call (3rd Jun)           - Fix Problem Statement
                              - Scope and Goals

 Online                       - Discussions on Composition of the document
                              - Call for contributions of contents

 3rd call                     - Agree on the composition of the document
                              - Agree on what part of the document to be covered as "background paper" to publish in July
                              - Rough Timeline per contents to be covered

 Online                       - Draft background paper

 4th call                     - Confirm draft of background paper

 Online (first week of July)  - Fix the background paper and publish

*Virtual Meetings*
 a. Set certain regularity of the calls at a particular day of the week and time 
 b. Set certain regularity of the calls and rotate between two sets of a particular day of the week and time
 c. Poll Everytime

Izumi on behalf of the MAG Coordinators

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