[Bp_ipv6] Draft Timeline

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jun 3 11:29:37 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to share the draft timelines for our group as starting point of the discussions.
We'll discuss it at the second meeting, and I welcome your comments on the mailing list as well.

* General timelines *
 Early July                   - Publish background document

 Before IGF(Oct)              - Publish draft outcome document for comments
                                (Incorporating "background document" published in July)

 IGF (Nov)                    - Face to face discussions

 After IGF (Nov/Dec)          - Fix the document, publish, proactively share including governments

* Timeline for publishing background document  *
 2nd call (3rd Jun)           - Fix Problem Statement
                              - Scope and Goals

 Online                       - Discussions on Composition of the document
                              - Call for contributions of contents

 3rd call                     - Agree on the composition of the document
                              - Agree on what part of the document to be covered as "background paper" to publish in July
                              - Rough Timeline per contents to be covered

 Online                       - Draft background paper

 4th call                     - Confirm draft of background paper

 Online (first week of July)  - Fix the background paper and publish

* Virtual Meetings *
 a. Set certain regularity of the calls at a particular day of the week and time 
 b. Set certain regularity of the calls and rotate between two sets of a particular day of the week and time
 c. Poll Everytime


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