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Hi All, 

Just to support Sanjaya¹s input. APNIC has following consolidated




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>May I suggest that the document is also targeted to all executives
>(CxOs?) of all industries? And yes, that should include Finance and HR
>executives. The executive summary must be written in a language that all
>execs can understand.
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> * Target of this document *
>    From what has been listed in the group so far:
>    -  Governments and policy makers (Listed by several participants, no
>objections observed)
>    -  Possible other stakeholders from the course of the discussions:
>       Suppliers of products?
>       Industry Association of the suppliers?
>       Business Users? (Users of those equipment)
>       Those who wish to build a community/Forum (e.g. IPv6 TF)?
>    Question: Ayone else? Do we consider all stakeholders in IPv6
>adoption as the target of this document or do we just focus on (a)
>certain stakeholder(s) as the target of this document?
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