[Bp_ipv6] [Intersessional_2015] BPF on IPv6; Problem Definition

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May I suggest that the document is also targeted to all executives (CxOs?) of all industries? And yes, that should include Finance and HR executives. The executive summary must be written in a language that all execs can understand.


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 * Target of this document *
    From what has been listed in the group so far:

    -  Governments and policy makers (Listed by several participants, no objections observed)

    -  Possible other stakeholders from the course of the discussions:  
       Suppliers of products? 
       Industry Association of the suppliers?
       Business Users? (Users of those equipment)
       Those who wish to build a community/Forum (e.g. IPv6 TF)?

    Question: Ayone else? Do we consider all stakeholders in IPv6 adoption as the target of this document or do we just focus on (a) certain stakeholder(s) as the target of this document?


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