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Miwa Fujii miwa at apnic.net
Thu Jul 30 03:12:59 EDT 2015

Hi Susan et al.,

I have three input to the following thread:

"Has anyone else on this list have any experience with producing a set of
policy recommendations to their government? If so, please feel welcome
to share.”

1. Set of recommendations
APNIC has collected different governments’ efforts in increasing adoption IPv6 through partnership between private sector and public sector.    Pls see:


Based on this past study, we think following sets of recommendations can provide useful input to governments stakeholders.

  *   Mandate for IPv6 readiness in government procurement forms for ICT goods and services
  *   Conduct research on IPv6 readiness in the industry
  *   Develop policies, guidelines, and roadmaps to enable IPv6 in government and network infrastructure
  *   Subsidize IPv6 skilling up for industry members to support human capacity development
  *   Lead the industry by example in adopting IPv6
  *   Partnership between government and industry
  *   Include the necessity of IPv6 deployment in ministerial statements

2. Example: APEC TEL IPv6 Guidelines
APNIC has collaborated with APEC TEL member economies to develop APEC TEL IPv6 Guidelines in 2010.  I think this document has still relevance to government stakeholders.

During developing this document, APEC TEL member economies gave serious consideration to make workable guidelines for all APEC TEL member economies which have diversified Internet development status.


3. Short comment on IPv6 in mobile networks
As mobile networks are becoming a driving force of growth of Internet subscriptions, it would be helpful for regulators to be aware importance of sufficient IP address for mobile networks  in addition to radio frequencies. I think it would be useful to mention this aspect briefly somewhere in the IGF v6 document.

More information is available from:

Hope this helps.


Subject: Re: [Bp_ipv6] IPv6 Task Forces: Let's get this conversation started!
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 22:54:27 -0400
From: Susan Chalmers <susan at chalmers.associates>
To: Nathalie Trenaman <nathalie at ripe.net>
CC: bp_ipv6 at intgovforum.org

Thank you kindly, Nathalie and Alejandro,

We are collecting different practices and illustrations through the
aforementioned survey, so people are welcome of course to dedicate their
energies there on IPv6 Task Forces (and other practices of course).

We may as well also make use of this list for discussion in the
meantime. Oftentimes things come up in conversation that end up being
particularly valuable for the outcome document.

@Alejandro - thanks for sharing information on the regional LAC-TF
<http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/en/> (I'm now a follower on twitter) and
your "local" example (using the local/regional/global categories) in
Venezuela. The policy paper that you pointed us to is oneÂ
/excellent/Â example of what we are looking for. I'm going to
/paraphrase/ from the paper, if you don't mind, to show others on the
list the recommendations to government.Â

1. require the sites and systems of institutions & public sector
agencies to support IPv6 & IPv4 concurrently.
2. empower the national regulator to ensure that hardware in Venezuela
whether imported or domestic (Alejandro, would appreciate your
confirmation here) supports IPv6 and IPv4 concurrently.Â
3. require the national regulator to do what it needs to do to ensure
that domestic ISPs support IPv6 in coexistence with IPv4.
4. _require_ the National Telecommunications Commission CONATEL,
implementation of necessary actions so that Internet Service
Providers ISPs set their plans for addressing and based on the same
start procedures for requesting resources IPv6 addressing.
 <------(this one I did not paraphrase, as I don't quite understand)

At your discretion, it would be nice to have an update on the reception
of these recommendations by the government, if appropriate and
available. When you presented these to the policymakers, what examples
or hypotheticals did you find to be most convincing for them? How do you
best convey the importance of IPv6 adoption?

Speaking of hypotheticals, I enjoyed this one:

Has anyone else on this list have any experience with producing a set of
policy recommendations to their government? If so, please feel welcome
to share.


Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

http://chalmers.associates <http://chalmers.associates/>

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 3:40 AM, Nathalie Trenaman <nathalie at ripe.net
<mailto:nathalie at ripe.net>> wrote:

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the survey. I have sent it to my contacts at the UK, BE,
NL, CH and SI IPv6 task forces. I believe some of them already
filled in the survey.

With kind regards,

Nathalie KÃ1Ž4nneke-Trenaman
IPv6 Program Manager

> On 22 Jul 2015, at 23:27, Susan Chalmers
> <susan at chalmers.associates <mailto:susan at chalmers.associates>> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I hope this email finds you all well.
> You will have seen the survey <http://goo.gl/forms/JyD72Qnmc2>
> that Wim sent out recently. I hope that you find some time to
> contribute a response.
> In the meantime, let's get a conversation started on IPv6 Task
> Forces.Â
> This is an open call to anyone and everyone who has organized or
> participated in an IPv6 Task Force, a "best practice" identified
> early on in our conversations on this list.Â
> Please share this invitation widely.
> Let us begin a discussion on how you/your organization has gone
> about organizing the task force -- e.g. the stakeholders involved,
> your goals, whether they were achieved, hurdles, successes, etc.
> If you feel comfortable, please reply in full to the list so that
> we can entertain a discussion amongst ourselves.
> Remember that the goal of this exercise is to provide guidance to
> groups who may be interested in setting up their own IPv6 Task
> Force initiative.Â
> Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!
> Sincerely,
> Susan
> Susan Chalmers
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