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Fri Jul 24 00:54:06 EDT 2015

Hi Susan,
  Thanks for your time reading the Venezuelan's case and looking for the
LACTF twitter account.
  My comments inline:

El 7/23/2015 a las 10:24 PM, Susan Chalmers escribió:
> Thank you kindly, Nathalie and Alejandro,
> We are collecting different practices and illustrations through the
> aforementioned survey, so people are welcome of course to dedicate
> their energies there on IPv6 Task Forces (and other practices of course).
> We may as well also make use of this list for discussion in the
> meantime. Oftentimes things come up in conversation that end up being
> particularly valuable for the outcome document.
> @Alejandro - thanks for sharing information on the regional LAC-TF
> <http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/en/> (I'm now a follower on twitter)

Good!.., I saw the email from twitter, now I'm following you back (until
the new chair gets full control of the twitter accounts :-)

> and your "local" example (using the local/regional/global categories)
> in Venezuela. The policy paper that you pointed us to is
> one /excellent/ example of what we are looking for. I'm going to
> /paraphrase/ from the paper, if you don't mind, to show others on the
> list the recommendations to government.

No problem at all..., the information is public.

>  1. require the sites and systems of institutions & public sector
>     agencies to support IPv6 & IPv4 concurrently.
>  2. empower the national regulator to ensure that hardware in
>     Venezuela whether imported or domestic (Alejandro, would
>     appreciate your confirmation here) supports IPv6 and IPv4
>     concurrently.

Exactly, this is part of our suggestions within the document.

>  1. require the national regulator to do what it needs to do to ensure
>     that domestic ISPs support IPv6 in coexistence with IPv4.
>  2. _require_ the National Telecommunications Commission CONATEL,
>     implementation of necessary actions so that Internet Service
>     Providers ISPs set their plans for addressing and based on the
>     same start procedures for requesting resources IPv6 addressing.
>      <------(this one I did not paraphrase, as I don't quite understand)

What we are looking for is Conatel to encourage ISPs to deploy IPv6. One
way (BTW, this could be another practice) is to give tax discounts to ISPs

> At your discretion, it would be nice to have an update on the
> reception of these recommendations by the government, if appropriate
> and available. When you presented these to the policymakers, what
> examples or hypotheticals did you find to be most convincing for them?
> How do you best convey the importance of IPv6 adoption?

Of course!. It was given to Conatel's president in a very important
meeting, Rodrigo de la Parra was there. Here is his tweet:
In the other hand, the case was presented by Gregorio Manzano
(Venezuelan IPv6 enthusiast) during Lacnic 23. It's available here:

> Speaking of hypotheticals, I enjoyed this one:
> http://portalipv6.lacnic.net/en/the-sad-tale-of-the-isp-that-didnt-deploy-ipv6/

A group of Mexican friends also created an animation:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DOcc18Bj2U  (unfortunately only in
Spanish, it would be great to have it in other languages)


> Has anyone else on this list have any experience with producing a set
> of policy recommendations to their government? If so, please feel
> welcome to share.
> Cheers,
> Susan 
> Susan Chalmers
> susan at chalmers.associates
> http://chalmers.associates
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 3:40 AM, Nathalie Trenaman <nathalie at ripe.net
> <mailto:nathalie at ripe.net>> wrote:
>     Hi Susan,
>     Thanks for the survey. I have sent it to my contacts at the UK,
>     BE, NL, CH and SI IPv6 task forces. I believe some of them already
>     filled in the survey.
>     With kind regards,
>     Nathalie Künneke-Trenaman
>     IPv6 Program Manager
>     RIPE NCC 
>>     On 22 Jul 2015, at 23:27, Susan Chalmers
>>     <susan at chalmers.associates <mailto:susan at chalmers.associates>> wrote:
>>     Dear colleagues,
>>     I hope this email finds you all well.
>>     You will have seen the survey <http://goo.gl/forms/JyD72Qnmc2>
>>     that Wim sent out recently. I hope that you find some time to
>>     contribute a response.
>>     In the meantime, let's get a conversation started on IPv6 Task
>>     Forces. 
>>     This is an open call to anyone and everyone who has organized or
>>     participated in an IPv6 Task Force, a "best practice" identified
>>     early on in our conversations on this list. 
>>     Please share this invitation widely.
>>     Let us begin a discussion on how you/your organization has gone
>>     about organizing the task force -- e.g. the stakeholders
>>     involved, your goals, whether they were achieved, hurdles,
>>     successes, etc.
>>     If you feel comfortable, please reply in full to the list so that
>>     we can entertain a discussion amongst ourselves.
>>     Remember that the goal of this exercise is to provide guidance to
>>     groups who may be interested in setting up their own IPv6 Task
>>     Force initiative. 
>>     Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!
>>     Sincerely,
>>     Susan
>>     Susan Chalmers
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