[Bp_ipv6] BPF IPv6 - Call for Contributions (survey)

Wim Degezelle wdegezelle at drmv.be
Tue Jul 21 02:57:37 EDT 2015

Dear All,

We’ve launched a survey to collect examples of Practices that help to create an environment enabling the adoption of IPv6.

The examples will serve as a basis for the Best Practices Outcome document of the IGF 2015 BPF on IPv6 and they will be made available online on the IGF website.

When we refer to Practices in this discussion, we refer to the actions that different people and organizations have taken to create an enabling environment for IPv6 adoption in their locality, region, industry, or network. 
"Practices" can come in the form of case studies, examples, or anecdotes supported by evidence, and they describe the activities, policies or other measures taken by stakeholders to encourage IPv6 adoption. 

Please submit your Practices via the online survey at http://goo.gl/forms/JyD72Qnmc2 <http://goo.gl/forms/JyD72Qnmc2>  and share this email within your networks.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kind Regards,

Izumi Okutani, Susan Chalmers, German Valdez
The BPF IPv6 Coordinators


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