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Perfect Constance, let me be a little critic and defend more the cause about
Internet Community Providers (ICPs) as a good practice and solution for
connecting the next billion.


1º - In the context about multistakeholder internet governance we will have
a network infrastructure that are will be created in collaborative mode,
with synergies and the focus in quality, netneutrality privacy and other
principles that the citizens wants guarantee.


2º - Instead of InternetOrg, Googles fibers/loon etc, we will have an
infrastructure managed in the last mile by the communities following rules
and principles created democratically and nothing prevents that others
players can join to this initiatives even facebook and google just need to
change the goals of those networks to align with the desires of the
communities principles and rules.


3º - Digital cities and after this smart cities/smart citizens are the
perfect combination with ICPs, in truth ICPs is a fraction of the digital
city, align with another level of multistakeholder internet governance in
city councils created in the same rules with all parts of the local society.
Its important that this group recommends to the countries governments to
create laws that guarantee this king of policy management with democracy and


4º -  Synergy is the word to create the networks that we need to reduce or
even eliminate the digital divide by using the governments and market to
build networks that could be used in a shared way (market, governments,
academy and communities). It is true that the internets economy impacts
positively in GDP and if we want to resolve the problems of the scarcity of
the access we will need to put aside the old model to sell only access and
join that parts that really want to put down this kind of social and digital
exclusion to build and maintain those networks all together.  What will make
the sector of telecom providers profitable will not more selling internet
access but what are running above it.  Its important to say that its not
allowed data caps, zero rating and anything that breaks netneutrality or
creates business models that hurts the consumer rights or even creates
another kind of exclusion.


Finally I rewrote our proposal and the summary in English to IGF's document
but I think that this email never got read when i sent. but no problem i
send now again and let's keep walking




Marcelo Saldanha
Instituto Bem Estar Brasil - OSCIP
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No campo das ideias, o limite é sonhar o impossível e no campo das
realizações, basta perseverar.



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Assunto: [Intersessional_2015] IGF 2015 Outputs - Best Practices and Policy
Options for Connecting the Next Billion - Next steps


Dear Colleagues, 


This is to let you know that, as agreed by the MAG, the IGF 2015 Best
documents as well as the Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion
on/cnb-outdocs> , are currently being fine-tuned to incorporate comments
made during the IGF sessions in Joao Pessoa. The completed versions will be
made available early December. 


During its next meeting in 2016, MAG members will then discuss next steps
and how they would like to pursue IGF intersessional activities going
forward, should the mandate of the IGF be renewed. New themes of Best
Practices Forums may be considered, as well as a new approach for the
continuation of the Policy Options. 


In the meantime, 2015 outputs will be referenced in the Chair's IGF report.
Once the final versions are available (early Dec.), and to ensure global
awareness, we will also invite all MAG members to disseminate them
throughout their networks. 


Thank you and best regards,


Constance Bommelaer

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