[Bp_ipv6] Draft text on IPv6 Task Force section

Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Sun Aug 30 20:06:13 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Thank you to Nathalie and Marco, respectively, for the draft text on IPv6
Task Forces, and the paper outline.

I've incorporated the former into the latter for the IPv6 Task Force
section, and have added some additional text and organisation, categories.
I'll be incorporating responses from the IPv6 TF survey. (We've heard from
Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and Venezuela) as well as relevant
information submitted via the broader survey.

If you'd like to share the TF survey, the link is here:

We need examples from Africa and Asia in particular.

I'd like to invite everyone to take a look at the IPv6 TF draft
and contribute further content, citations/references, comments,
suggestions, etc. this week. Then we can put the end-product of the working
group onto the platform for broader comment. Meanwhile, there will be
follow up on other tasks.

Many thanks,

Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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