[Bp_ipv6] Comments on the baseline draft of Background Paper

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Thu Aug 27 23:32:34 EDT 2015

On 27 Aug 2015, at 23:17, Chip Sharp (chsharp) wrote:

> * We also need to look at this from the bitstream provider’s perspective.  A bitstream/wholesale provider could face capital and operational expenses to support IPv6, much like a retail provider (see comment on cost above).  Or are you saying that the bitstream provider is actively blocking IPv6?

As I am behind the biststream example, yes, they are blocking IPv6. Question is whether it can be called "actively" if they do not have equipment that support IPv6?

The problem we have in Sweden is when fibre is deployed, and there is _exclusive_ right to activate the fibre. I.e. one and only one company is allowed to rent it. If this company is providing a bitstream access that do not support IPv6 (and in this case linked to, it does not support 10G, only 1G), what do you do as an Internet Access Provider? Well, you request ability to dig down your own fibre. If you then get a "no" from the city council (that owns the party being a monopolist), then you go to the competition authorities. Specifically as we in Europe do have rules for LLUB/Bitstream for copper (as you say Chip) and also for subsidy of fibre requirements that the passive infrastructure that have got support from public sector must be available according to non-discriminatory terms.

In the case I brought forward the competition authorities acknowledged issues, but turned down further investigation because: 1. it is only about one customer (yes, but it was a crystal clear case) and 2. if the government wanted bitstream to be so neutral, they could issue a law about it (which they have not).

So, the exclusive right to activate fibre, the lack of LLUB, together with everything from broken bitstream to actively blocking IPv6, is creating big problems in Europe. Not only for IPv6 but for competition situation.

Why LLUB is mandatory on copper, but not on fibre, I just do not understand, and no politician have been able to explain the difference between copper and glass to me. Well, part from responses coming directly from lobbying organizations from incumbents of course. That the copper was built hundreds of years ago while glass is new investments. An argument that is easy to kill. But no one tries.

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