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>Dear all,
>as I have mentioned on today's conference call, whilst no government
>will ever admit to NOT supporting the spread of IPv6 adoption, there are
>many different ways this is done. Some governments prefer a more
>"hands-off" approach, expressing their support but wishing the private
>sector to take the lead. Others go a step further by mandating IPv6
>compatibility for any government procurement contract, some a little
>further by offering all government online services over IPv6 and some go
>the full way by taking a very active role in financing research and
>implementation projects for IPv6 adoption.
>What I have found is that which direction a government takes is often
>more related to the politics irrespective of the topic itself.
>Hence in the UK, the line has always been that innovation needs to be
>private-sector led. This is on record at all of the recent UK IGFs with
>the Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, Ed
>Vaizey explaining that IPv6 was doing very well but DCMS did not have a
>responsibility about IPv6.
>See: time 21:00 on

That was a little uncomfortable to watch.

There is a positive correlation between countries whose governments require
their services to be provided over IPv6 and the number of large IPv6 web
site. It seems to be the case that if the government puts its web sites on
IPv6, the private sector operators who host those web sites and provide
connectivity for them develop the capability and expertise, which makes it
easier for enterprises to deploy their own web sites.

Thus, for instance, Sky has begun IPv6 deployment in the UK, bringing it
up to 36th in the world already (percent of eyeballs using IPV6), while
the UK is still in 64th place for web deployment.

I think it¹s 7 of the top 10 countries for web sites with IPv6 enabled
have governments providing services over IPv6. Some smaller countries
just have a lot of foreign web sites dominating their web rankings.

This is in a world where IPv6 on the web significantly lags IPv6
Internet access.


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