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Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Thu Apr 30 04:27:00 EDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Following upon Izumi's previous email regarding our discussion plan, below
we have suggested some basic points for the Scope and Goals for the IGF
Best Practice Forum on IPv6 Adoption.

The purpose of the Scope and Goals is to give participants basic
orientation and information about the discussion - especially for those who
may join us mid-way through the conversation. We welcome your feedback and
suggestions, as well as the discussion that ensues, by May 6th.

*Scope and Goals for the BPF on IPv6 Adoption*


   - Widespread adoption of IPv6 will be important to maintaining the
   global reach and integrity of the Internet. Following this wide-spread
   adoption, the eventual transition to IPv6 will only be successful when we,
   as a community, are all moving together at the same time. Adoption of IPv6
   by a single entity is often a challenge; it is not useful if one
   organization alone adopts IPv6 when majority of the Internet is based on
   IPv4. The long-term sustainability of the network and success of the
   Internet to accommodate IPv6 depends on getting more organisations to adopt
   - By documenting best practices regarding measures and activities for
   creating an environment that accommodates IPv6 adoption, we hope to provide
   the global Internet community with helpful information that can help guide
   stakeholders in this exercise.
   - There are ways in which different stakeholders with different roles
   can each contribute to IPv6 adoption. This Best Practice Forum gives all
   stakeholders the opportunity to contribute.

The Purpose of the 2015 Internet Governance Forum Best Practice Forum on
IPv6 Adoption is to document best practices on activities and measures for
an environment that supports IPv6 adoption, which we will share through
open, multistakeholder discussion on the dedicated mailing list.

*Guiding principles*

   - Participants are encouraged to share real-life stories of successful
   and, more importantly, unsuccessful initiatives for IPv6 adoption; we
   oftentimes learn a great deal from unsuccessful experiences.
   - The Forum discussion is open to all who are interested and willing to
   contribute constructively, guided by these Scope and Goals;
   - The Forum should avoid duplication of the work already being conducted;
   - The focus of Forum discussion should be on practical information
   sharing, rather than theory;
   - The information we will compile should be neutral, not for commercial


   - As an Internet issue, IPv6 adoption encompasses a broad range of
   sub-issues, affecting multiple actors and different stakeholders. It will
   be helpful to define the scope of our discussion at the outset, for a more
   focused dialogue.
   - The scope of the BPF on IPv6 Adoption discussion will focus on the
   best practices on measures and activities for an environment which supports
   IPv6 adoption, and, in particular, measures and activities taken at global,
   regional and local levels.
   - Technical best practices on IPv6 adoption, which are covered by
   existing efforts by experts in this area, is outside of the scope of this

*Working methodology*

   - The discussions at the BPF on IPv6 will be guided by Technical
   Community MAG members Izumi Okutani, Susan Chalmers, and German Valdez.
   - The designated mailing list will be the primary working channel of the
   BPF on IPv6. Information on the mailing list is available here:
   - The group will likely convene WebEx calls from time to time, with the
   assistance of the IGF Secretariat.
   - The final document will be produced by a consultant engaged by the IGF


   - Do you think the above information is sufficient for a general Scope
   and Goals description? What do you think is missing? What do you think can
   be removed?
   - In terms of Scope, there are a number of ways in which we can further
   refine the document - for example by focusing on one or more group needing
   best practices according to their situation. Below are three suggestions to
   kick start discussion:
   - Creating a reference for governments looking to create an enabling
      environment for IPv6 adoption by industry players in their economy;
      - Creating a reference for someone looking for
      community/collaborative efforts to promote IPv6 adoption in collaboration
      with key stakeholders in their community;
      - Creating a reference for someone considering IPv6 adoption in their
      network but do not know the resources to look for.

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback on the above before May 6th.

Thank you, and we look forward to the discussion.

Izumi Okutani and Susan Chalmers

Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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