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2015 11 11 Open Forum IGFSA Workshop Room 7 FINISHED
 Welcome to the United Nations | Department of Economic and Social Affairs

The following are the outputs of the real-time captioning taken during the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in João Pessoa, Brazil, from 10 to 13 November 2015. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the event, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.

>> MODERATOR: Our members of the executive committee are busy with other activities. So we have to start this. You know about ‑‑ he knows. It's hard to do.

>> Yes. Our opticals will have association and give it some mandatories obligations we have to go through and they are on the agenda. We had hoped to project the agenda, but we have some technical incompatibility with our equipment and their equipment, but the agenda has seven points. Number one is adoption of agenda. Number two appointment of the executive committee. Number three is noting the contents of the reports and familiar statements for the year and voting on their adoption. Number four is approval of the annual budget based on the executive committee and number five is granting this charge to the executive committee and number 6 is determining membership use and number 7 is any of the business. We had sent out the agenda beforehand. We had also sent out the reports and financial statements. You have received them through your e‑mails. These are what we have to go through based on our association. Back to you.

>> We have decided to initiate our rotation in the executive committee this year and in this general assembly. So we decided that three of the seats would be renewed this year. Other three next year and the last three in the third of the year. The people that would be elected today for filling the three seats would be available in the executive committee would serve for the next three years. Three executive committee members leaving their positions this year ‑‑

>> Yes. We have by drawing lots and the lot decided it would three members. Suby, sitting here, Edmond sitting here and Maryland Kate who is not in the room, but that does not mean they cannot stand for reelection if they decided to do so. We have also invited for nominations, but we have not received any nominations.

>> MODERATOR: The three of the executive committee members have expressed and decided to be reelected. So we have three candidates before proceeding with the election. We need to ask all the present members here if there is anybody else who is interested in serving in the executive committee of the IGFSA. I assume no. Okay. So I think we can maybe approve and sit in formal procedures. Yeah? Okay. So I asked you for electing the three members of the executive committee by acclamation.


So the next point is the report. We have ‑‑ you have ‑‑ if you have subscribed to the list and if you are not subscribe said to the list, it is because you are not members. This is very bad. It should be understandable. So it has been sent the link to the list. It is available in the website. I will go through the report very quickly.

The IGFSA was launched in September 2014 in Turkey during last IGF. The general assembly approval association and the executive committee, the first executive committee is formed by nine people that's beside the five that I have already mentioned is Martin Kai, (inaudible). There is a list of members and that was serving currently in the executive committee. The executive commit he has been active. We have had 12 meetings over the course of the year. Some of the meetings were in person. Usually in conjunction with other meetings like IGF consultations or other meetings. We have now the habit of having a break for us during every Wednesday during ICANN meeting. This is a very nice reason for waking up early in the morning. We have the ‑‑ the time of closing this report, we have 114 active members. Now we have 100 ‑‑ almost 125, 124, something like that. There are 11 individuals and 11 organizations. I think this is good and this is people renewing their membership and this is also good news that we are growing. The bad news is that there are a lot of people who express support to the IGF support, but they don't become members and they are very happy with what we are doing. They express satisfaction with what the whole IGFSA is doing and sometimes they forget to do ‑‑ to go to the website and to complete the steps for becoming members. So I ask you, I beg you to work with your colleagues to try to bring more people involved. I think there shouldn't be no excuse for having less than a thousand members and I hope to finish this week with around 200 members. We have to work a lot during the two and a half days we have in front of us in the IGF. The memberships could be made in person. Kai has been collecting money in the booth, our booth all the days and also you can go to the website and pay with PayPal. I know some people have experience and some problems. Kai, you want to add something?

>> KAI: So if people are having problems with the PayPal, they can come by the booth and contact me and we can figure something out to insure you paid your membership.

>> MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you, Kai.

With regard to fund raising, we have raised 334,223 U.S. dollars. How did we collect 18 cents. That's a good question.


It was a joke. You can see in the report the list of donors and the money we have collected individual memberships and also the donors and organization of donors. Right now five minutes ago, an organization asked me to send an invoice to contribute with money. So there is a new organizations that are becoming involved. We have received some of the contributions you see. The lists are made recent. So it means there are more people contributing. The Internet Society in ICANN and SIDA are donors. SIDA has made a contribution with $25,000 per year. I hope this is an example for other organizations to pledge contribution in multiple years contribution. With regard to the location of funds, we agree on that distribution that you can see on the screen. This is contributing to the U.N. IGF trust fund. 10% with a strength in the IGF. What does that mean? It means that we can spend money, support in the IGF security by two ways. One is to send money to the IGF fund and one is to meet data they asked us to do. We have contributing hiding in terms or paying some trips for people that is working with the secretariate and sometimes due to the time constraints or just for making the (inaudible) easier. This is something that we can do for respecting with efficiency of the work that they are doing. We have 15% that we are spending on reaching that support and reaching IGF initiatives and we have also another percentage that we are spending in communication and also we are (inaudible) a small fund for contingencies that we hope we don't need to spend in the future.

In May this year, we made that contribution to the U.N. trust fund of $114,000. Now at the year after we close the year, we make the new calculation. We will make a new contribution to the IGF to the U.N. trust fund. We have also spent some money in supporting the security. We have hired for supporting the IGF fellowship. You can see the compensation. We are being transparent on that. And also I already mentioned one of the examples that we support the travel of Ms. Serena Teliano to attend this meeting in Joao Pessoa. You have seen on the list shortly the calls that we issued. We have supported 7 original IGF initiatives with $3500 each. This is Asian Pacific IGF, a African IGF, Central America IGF and Latin America IGF. We choose thousands each and Argentina, Armenia, Colombia, Rwanda, Sierra Leon. We are asking them so the application is very easy. We are asking some questions about how the meetings are organized. They are multi‑holder meetings and they open to the participation of the stakeholders and they're being funded if they're being funded by other sources. But we don't just ‑‑ we don't evaluate the quality of the meetings and in fact, this is good for promoting sometimes the new coming experiences that are not so perfect. So they just share our support. With regard to outreach communications, we organize some outreach (inaudible) during the high level event in May. Also we supported the (inaudible) traveled to the meeting connecting the dots in March. We also had some IGFSA activities. And also we supported one executive committee member to participate in the U.N., which is +10 to support that. We have a 7% of our incomes 8% of our incomes that are being saving us for contingencies and future contingencies. So, this is how we have spent our money. Anything else?

>> (inaudible)

>> MODERATOR: Other comments? Questions? If not, we will ask you to take note of the report for the record.

>> Happy to answer questions, comments, expressions of interest to donate? We accept cash, check banks. Bank checks.

>> I want to put on record that ‑‑ yes. Chair of the night, I would like to put on record appreciation of the work that IGFSA has done so far and then support to IGF secretariate and then national regional executives because I think this is exactly why support association was created and we applaud the first steps and I hope they continue this in the future. Bravo.


>> Thank you.

>> MODERATOR: Thank you. We thank you for your kind words. I think individual contributions, you can think that they are not relevant in terms of the amount of money, but this is really, really important because beside being a vehicle for channeling the individual contributions to the supporting IGF, this is also a way to create networks of support. This is one of the reasons because I think that we should have much more individual contributors. So any other questions or comments? Herman? I'm sorry. We can bring the mic to the people.

>> Herman Valdez. I am here on my personal capacity. Thank you for the report and this is a simple question. Maybe I'm asking the obvious, but it is hard to follow the inbox speed in this week. This report has been shared or would be sent to ‑‑ okay. Thank you.

>> And it is the same, the same report.

>> MODERATOR: Okay. Any other comment? No? So what do I have to do now?

>> General assembly takes note.

>> MODERATOR: I ask the general assembly to take note of how I do.



Okay. It's great to have Marcos here.

Now we want to present our budget for next year and the budget is not presented in terms of money, but in terms of work to do and (inaudible) fashion. We want to ‑‑ we plan to keep the current structure of the 60% to be transferred to the U.N. IGFSA fund. 15% to support regional and national IGFs. 7% to our rich communication and 8% for IGFSA contingency plans. It's open for comments, assistance.

>> Thank you. I don't know how many of you have had a chance to stop by the IGFSA booth, but I want to be sure that you're all picking up ‑‑ if I can find Kyle ‑‑ you're all picking up copies of our updated materials and ask you to help us not just by thinking about when you become a member as you said, Raul, even if you are an individual member doubling your contribution from 25 to 50 or from 25 to 50. We need to be able to look ahead as a birth landscape of national and regional IGFs in the eye coordinated substantive sessions that just concluded and in an informal discussion, the coordinators had made a proposal to themselves. Then they want to help catalyze doubling the number of national IGF initiatives and really changing the number of stars that there are on the inside of this map. So looking at that, we're going to need more money to be able to support. We have increased the amount of intersession work which means more work on the part of the secretariate. When you think about what you can do to further help IGFSA, think about taking some of those brochures with you and button holding people that you see here around the rest of the week and asking them to join or make a contribution as well. I think that's one of our opportunities to make sure that we have a budget that's really robust.

>> Thank you. I want to second what Marilyn is just proposing. If you could convince just one or at least two people to contribute, we would really add to the bucket and $25 is the minimum amount. So we don't stop at that. There is much more including cents, pennies, whatever you can find. Make sure that you bring that to the kiosk. Second, the set out targets for ourselves are not too ambitious, but we organically push ourselves in what each of us can bring to the table. I do want to speak to increasing participation. So then you say there are certain (inaudible) that you bring to the table. It could either be raising funds or it could also be participating in any of the activities that we're talking about. Whether it is outreach and communication or helping us with lists that you can draw, potential donors or any creative material that you can come up with that simplifies different activities at IGF and perhaps bring more people, more participants to the IGF. So contributions are very welcome either in cash or in kind and also wondering if you can look at specifying when we say the outreach in communication with a sub‑bracket which looks at capacity building. So international and national initiatives and the other is building capacity by creating more awareness about what IGFSA does and bring new people in terms of physical, online or in participation. Thank you.

>> Mr. Chairman, allow me one comment. And this also does not reflect the in kind contribution ISOC does at providing the secretariate through Kyle.

>> Either people joining as a new member or renewing their membership we'll be having a raffle tomorrow during lunch where you can win an iPad or a Swat Watch and some other cool prizes. I suggest you renew and join the drawing for that.

>> MODERATOR: That's great business.


Okay. Any other comment? Okay.

>> (comment) so just from all of us from the community, thank you, Kyle, for everything that you do and, Marcos, for the leadership that you provide to IGFSA. Thank you.


>> MODERATOR: So this report is that we have to approve the budget like my friend Marcos says. So if there is no objection, I think that is approved.


Thank you. So next point. Marcos?

>> Marcos: That's an obligation on the Swiss law. As you know, IGFSA is incorporated in Switzerland and their executive committee or leadership committee has to be granted the discharge by its member every year, which means in practical terms, the membership agrees with the work carried out by the executive committee. So Mr. Chairman, can you ask the general assembly to grant the discharge.

>> MODERATOR: Why you don't do that? But you know what you have to do. Make the question.

>> Marcos: I will ask the general assembly to grant the discharge to the executive committee. If I hear no voice to the contrary, I can assume we have an agreement that there's a discharge.


>> MODERATOR: Thank you, Marcos. We will maintain the $25 per individual and $100 is a minimum for organizations. So if there is no objection, we will keep those fees. And okay. It's decided. Any other business? Any other business? Lunch is there? We have time for lunch.


Okay. I will ask your assumption to do something, please. If you really think this is a good idea and it is worth in supporting the association, ask some colleagues to join. Ask to join IGFSA, 1, 2, 3 people that each of you can bring on board. It counts. Any person counts. It is very important. So please do it and tell them they can win an iPod if they come to the booth. So having said that, any final remark? Marcos? Any of my colleagues, you want to say something? Okay. So thank you very much for coming. Thank you for continuing to support IGFSA. I think we are leaving our foot print forever all that's happening around the world in the creation of national regional IGFs and everything we have will be achieved with global IGFs. So let's continue. Thank you very much.


>> Marcos: We have to close.

>> MODERATOR: Sorry. The general assembly is closed.